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After an introductory talk, the focus of Portals to the Past’s Roman workshop is life in Britain under the Pax Romana. The children will explore the dramatic change in the lifestyle of even the lowliest of citizens after the arrival of the Roman legions, take a tour through a bath-house, touch real Roman artefacts and feel the excitement of the games in the arena. 

"A perfect score for a perfect day. This is by far one of the best days of the year. The children love it and learn a great deal - as do the staff. I have had 6 Romans days now and still find it fantastic. It is a wonderful supplement to what we teach. In terms of educational value – it is priceless!" - Kimbolton Prep, Cambridgeshire

"Our Roman day was a success! Ian had a good balance of behaviour management, keeping the children interested and able to be light hearted with them. They really enjoyed the day and asked when we could have another. It was good that the children could handle artefacts and the quiz keeps them moving around. Many thanks." - Earsham Primary Norfolk

Portals to the Past’s Roman activities for the morning include a Roman quiz, our maths-based game, Delta, helps children learn to use Roman numerals in an educational and yet fun way.

The workshop leader will have a range of real Roman-period artefacts and high quality reproductions from everyday Roman life.

The afternoon starts with a display of weapons and armour, and features a guided tour through Boudicca’s last battle.

The climax of the day is your very own gladiator show, where the children assume all the important roles from the Emperor down to the slaves, and gladiators themselves. All the thrills and excitement of the Roman arena are brought to life in your school hall.

Up to 90 children can take part in this workshop. Full rundown can be requested from our website.

Our workshop leaders are all experienced re-enactors, amateur archaeologists, historians, authors and teachers. All workshops are based on current archaeological evidence and historical fact. Our aim is to inspire children and stimulate them to do further research and encourage a life-long interest in this fascinating subject.

The Portals to the Past team have appeared in the BBC’s “Horrible Histories”, many historical documentaries, feature films and regularly entertain audiences at museums and historical sites around the country.

Key Information

  • Curriculum based
  • Interactive, hand on experience
  • Enhanced CRB
  • Full PLI

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Telephone: 0800 112 3192
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