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Roman Tours Ltd illustrate the Roman invasion of Britain and the assimilation of British tribes into the empire 2,000 years ago. They achieve this through school visits and museum based workshops/field trips in Chester.

During school visits a Roman soldier arrives in search of new recruits for the Roman army. Decorated in replica armour and equipment, he provides a unique insight to the past with an interactive presentation.

“We had our first ‘Gladiator Workshop’ for KS2. It was an amazing and exhilarating experience for the children. They were awestruck by the lanista, the gladiator, and the ferocious bear!” - St Margaret Ward Primary School

Through curriculum relevant role play, character acting, question/answer sessions and hotseating Roman Tours Ltd provide a unique and lively learning environment for all. The compelling format allows learners to question a ‘real’ Roman soldier and also experience the outfits, attitudes and way of life of our descendants for themselves.

They are invited to adopt the role of a captured Briton or a Roman soldier; trained with shields and armour and participate in formation marching which illustrates the importance of communication, cooperation and effective team work. Further topics covered include the impact on British culture of the Roman occupation, Roman society, medicine, military training and sanitation, towns and roads. These visits are extremely informative and can be tailored to suit your teacher's lesson plans.

If your school is planning a trip to Chester, Roman Tours can add a new dimension to your learning through their partnership with the Grosvenor Museum. Schools find a visit to the museum combined with a Roman soldier patrol is an ideal way to start the topic or reinforce topics that have been covered previously.

Groups are met at the museum by a Roman soldier, again in full armour and brought to attention by the sergeant major who welcomes them to service in the legions. Pupils are then each given a set of armour to wear (lightweight plastic) and receive an insight into the life of a Roman soldier and the rigours he endured in the British climate. They swear an oath to the emperor before heading out on patrol to various Roman remains including Chester’s own amphitheatre.

Roman Tour outreach programme is an enjoyable, educational and hands on experience for pupils and teacher alike and is available as a full or half day presentation. It presents a wonderful interactive learning opportunity with high engagement levels. Roman Tours workshop will ignite your pupils’ imaginations and inspire an ongoing interest in this fascinating period of British history.


Key information

  • Enhanced CRB checked staff
  • Full risk assessments
  • Public liability insurance
  • Supports National Curriculum.
  • Authentic uniforms and artefacts
  • 10 years school experience

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Telephone: 01978 761264
The area/s in which this provider is available are:North West

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