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At Rock Climbing Peak District we are completely dedicated to offering the best Rock Climbing courses in the Peak District area. We have been running outdoor education programmes and courses since the Late 80s and are achieving the highest standards possible in this field.

Fancy something different for a Birthday Party? Want to take your club Rock Climbing? Looking for an interesting Educational Trip? Tired of the usual Corporate Team Building or just want to have a fun Staff Day Out?

Peak District Rock Climbing offers you a variety of Days Out that can be run for a minimum of 5 people. All days are run by qualified and enthusiastic climbing instructors who are dedicated to making your day memorable.

Group Days with Rock Climbing Peak District

Group Cragging Days - A classic day out at a classic Peak District Crag.

This day is more than just climbing; it's about getting to know a classic crag, getting to know yourself and getting to know your friends. It is a fantastic chance to try something new in complete safety and with all your family and friends to support you. The day will be run by a fully qualified and experienced instructor who understands how to get the best from everyone.

The whole group need to be prepared for outdoor weather and have suitable clothing. All technical gear will be provided. No experience at Rock Climbing is required as all essential information will be taught, however this is not an instruction course.

Group Remote Cragging Days - A real day out! This is a Cragging Day with a little more of a British feel.

This day is the same as a normal Cragging Day but involves a 30 minute plus walk into a slightly more remote part of the Peak District. Because of this, the day would have less climbing than the normal day. However this is more than made up for with the experience of being somewhere off the beaten track. If the 21st century search for convenience leaves you unfulfilled but the idea of a big adventure excites then this is the day for you.

The more experienced climbing group may well enjoy this day more than the normal Cragging Day, however no experience is required as all essential information will be taught.

Team Building Days - Outdoor Team Building and Staff Days Out with a difference.

Not just your normal 'solve this task and review' Team Building. This program is designed to test the limits of your team and really make them work together. The day takes inspiration from exciting new outdoor sports such as Adventure Racing and Geo-caching, while maintaining the core principles of learning described by Kolb.

The entire course would be tailor made to fit your exact requirements, but would generally involve a Management exercise in the form of a Rock Climbing Adventure Race, a Problem Solving exercise with geo-cached clues, a Communication exercise and time built in to reflect and make sense throughout. All of this is a fun and very demanding day for any team.

Keen Youth

Our unique Climbing Club for young people.

The idea of the club was conceived after spending years introducing young people to the world of Rock Climbing either at indoor climbing walls or on school adventure residentials. The problem with doing this was the question 'where are the kids that really enjoyed climbing going to go next?'. The only direction to point them in was to their closest climbing wall. There was no climbing club offering to take young people as members due to higher risks, and although the climbing walls do a great job, there was an opportunity to offer young people more.

So it was that KEEN YOUTH was born! An Outdoor focused Climbing Club for young people. The club was created to give young people the chance to develop their climbing and make friends in a more traditional setting. This is exactly what we do. The kids in KEEN YOUTH have the chance to develop traditional climbing skills as well as modern ones, and learn about the history of Rock Climbing. They will also be able to develop environmentally sound ethics and engage in debate with the older generation of climbers on current subjects such as Headpointing and Bolting.

Rock Climbing IS moving forward, but we should make sure the next generation of climbers know where the sport came from.

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