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Riverside Museum opened in June 2011 – the exciting new venue for Glasgow Museums’ transport and technology collections. The museum is located where the River Kelvin meets the Clyde and the Tall Ship has been moored outside. Inside there are exhibits ranging from prams to horse-drawn trams, and also recreations of Glasgow streets from past eras, with shops that children can explore. The museum celebrates Glasgow’s role in shipbuilding, train manufacturing and engineering.

People Who Help Us

Early Level, Pre-5s

This workshop introduces children to the people who help us in emergencies – the police, ambulance and fire services. They will explore all three emergency vehicles, looking at what makes them useful and identifiable, and learn through object handling, activity and play.

Sporting challenge

Early Level, Pre-5s

What skills make a good athlete or player? Through games and play activities, and by exploring the stories of a number of Scottish sports personalities associated with our transport displays, children will learn about teamwork, enthusiasm and the need to have fun.


Age of Invention

First Level, Primary 2–4

Inventors need science and technology to make their new ideas a reality. Through a range of active learning activities, learners will explore the museum displays to discover how Science and Technology have transformed early inventions into the products we use today.

Clyde Built

Second Level, 5–7

Learners will discover the rich history of Clyde shipbuilding through this interactive and hands-on workshop, which includes the opportunity to race model ships. They will engage in team and partner work, object handling, deductive reasoning, data collection and giving feedback. The workshop ties together curriculum strands in Social Studies and Technology and Science.

Full Steam Ahead

Second Level, 5–7

Using Riverside’s steam-powered vehicles we will explore the various ways steam has been used to power transport. Learners will help make a working steam turbine and their own steam-powered boat to race, and participate in group work, research and experiments. This workshop addresses CFE outcomes in Social Studies and Science and Technology.

Victorian Trade

Second Level, Primary 5–7

With the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth games fast approaching, we ask: what impact has the Commonwealth had on Glasgow? Learners will explore this question

through hands-on activities and challenges, looking at Victorian Glasgow’s industry, trade and transport. Building on the theme of citizenship, pupils will also reflect upon the idea of commonwealth today.

World War II

Second Level, Primary 5–7

In this workshop pupils will take on the role of war correspondents to research and communicate about the experiences of war. Through hands-on activities, learners will uncover stories of RAF pilots, artists, ship designers, female tram drivers, German submariners and war survivors, and present these through various media, such as audio, newspapers and visual art.


Think Design

Senior Phase, Secondary 4–6

This dynamic design-related workshop looks at a number of influential and iconic vehicles. Working in teams to apply critical thinking skills, learners will evaluate changing priorities in transport development and design. The workshop touches on ergonomics and alternative energy sources.

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