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Robotic Educational Systems & Technology

Our specialism is teaching young students what robots are, how robots are built and how robots are programmed. We use high quality resources in fantastic locations but what really sets us apart is the way that our sessions are delivered. Our students are encouraged to question, to explore, to create and to innovate, so remain focussed and engaged – Learning with the fun left in

No boring textbooks, no repetitiveness, no typical answers.

Our students are challenged to think on their feet and to try new solutions. Robotics is a combination of key subjects including: Maths, Engineering, Science, ICT, Computer Science, Electronics, Programming and Design.

iAdvance Workshops for pupils

We have been working with both primary and secondary schools for several years, delivering fun workshops that can be customised to suit your specific needs.

What do the students gain?

iAdvance workshops introduce students to the world of robots; they learn and discuss what robots are and look at current developments in the industry. During the workshop(s) students design, build and program robots to perform different tasks, this could be recognising and responding to different colours, navigating and exploring or sports based themes such as drag racing, mini golf etc.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain and understand what a robot is and their possible impact in the near future
  • Learn about the components that make up a robot, e.g. sensors, programming etc.
  • Gain an understanding and insight into Computer Science and its applications

Content covered

During the workshops students learn how to consider different designs of robots and components for different tasks, they learn and experiment with different building techniques and write a range of different programs. Emphasis is placed upon learning through experimentation, understanding why something doesn’t work and improving it until it does.

Curriculum Overlap

There are topics from STEM subjects that are reinforced during the workshops, For example:

  • Flow charts
  • Data input, processing and output
  • Ratios, unit conversion, Percentages
  • Gears and motion
  • Light and Sound


Students are encouraged to try out new, wacky ideas and push boundaries, creating an enjoyable learning environment.

    iTrain Workshops for Teachers 

We are more than happy to share our knowledge and work with you to make your lessons even better and enable you to deliver robotics ‘In House’

 What do teachers gain?

iTrain workshops provide staff with an overview of robotics in the curriculum, how to build and program robots and information on different methods, resources and topics. Training packages are tailored to meet specific needs, but as an overview, will usually cover the following:

  • Practical activities that include building and programming robots/microcontroller boards.
  • In depth discussions on current developments and important skills for students
  • Different programming languages and which are best to learn
  • Advice on different resources and how to use them effectively to get maximum benefit for students and tailoring to exams First hand experience of what works and what doesn’t

To assist with inspiration for your own school projects Restech are now selling robotics kits and equipment for schools. Their online store can be found here:

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the components that make up a robot, e.g. sensors programming etc.
  • Basic to Advanced Programming skills
  • Wider knowledge on resources available
  • Better understanding of effective lesson plans, terminology and subject content

Content: During the training Staff will be encouraged to try hands on and practical activities related to Robotics and Programming in order to gain a clear understanding of how students will react to the material. They will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as they feel necessary and to raise any concerns and issues that they have. Emphasis is placed upon learning through experimentation, covering a range of topics to create a solid foundation on which Staff can then continue to build on independently.


Restech provide training in a relaxed, happy environment where mistakes, discussion of problems and all kinds of questions are highly encouraged.

Custom Packages

Perhaps you want to plan something different for physics or ICT.

Are you looking for ways to build links with Primaries?

If you've got something in mind, or would like more information let us know your requirements.


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