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Reptile Life is a specialist enterprise run by herpetologist Rob Louth. With over 15 years experience with exotic pets and accredited qualifications in this field, Rob and his staff are more than capable of dealing with any exotic animal in any scenario.

A Reptile Life animal encounter is a great way to experience some of the world’s most amazing creatures.

"You provided a rich and unique experience for our children, couples with expert knowledge and rare opportunities to handle such wonderful creatures."
Damien Sunter - Assistant Headteacher, Ruskington Chestnut Street Primary School

Reptile Life can attend your school and with our ‘Living Education’ show the children will not only learn about some of the most amazing and biologically diverse animals on the planet they will also get to meet them as well. The ‘Living Education' Workshops are now award winning as well. With acclaimed accreditation from the 2013 London Pet Show giving us some well earned recognition in this field. All our workshops are hands on, educational and fully interactive with the children.

 This is your chance to experience the wonder of the animal kingdom with a hugely diverse group of animals including reptiles, invertebrates, amphibians, mammals, birds and marsupials. We provide a school workshop experience that is hands on, interactive and educational. With the animals we bring and the knowledge we provide during our workshops, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to create a once in a lifetime experience for your students.

 The living Education School Workshops cover topics like Africa, Rainforests, Nocturnal, Deserts, Minibeasts and Bio-diversity. Or we can provide an assorted presentation of animals to cover a wide range of topics. Workshops can be tailored to specific curriculum requirements or we can provide a rich and varied cross section of the animal world.

School Workshops 

Africa – Home to some of the most incredible and popular creatures on earth. We bring a selection to you. 

UK eco conservation – Our very own UK wildlife is often badly overlooked and becoming rarer and rarer. It is time to change this and once again see our wildlife flourish.

Rainforests – 50% of the worlds animal species live in rainforests yet only 6% of the land surface is forest. The animal variations are incredible and fascinating.

Deserts – From bearded dragons to meercats. Desserts can support a huge and varied amount of life. Here you can meet, greet and learn about a fantastic cross section of desert inhabitants. 

Bio Diversity – If you can’t decide what workshop to book then why not choose a mixed selection. We will bring in a cross section of animals for you to enjoy.

Minibeasts – 98% of the world’s animals are invertebrates. An entire world to discover and learn about. 

Nocturnal – Meet fruit bats, racoons and many many more. Learn the how’s and why’s of the night time world. 

Dangerous and deadly – Come face to face with cobras, rattlesnakes, black widow spiders, deathstalker scorpions and more. All animals are behind glass and are presented as a visual display only. This is the only workshop featuring dangerous animals.

Giants – Meet some of the largest species of animals on our planet. From giant cockroaches and spiders to snakes, tortoises and lizards. Theses guys are huge! 

Design your own – We can produce a specialised workshop to suit your own topics. Just let us know what you want and we will produce it for you.

Some of our animals

Disa the meercat

Always popular is Disa the meerkat. She is the matriarch of our mob and loves to out and about with lots of people. She has been helping us to teach everyone all about meerkats in the wild and how keeping them in captivity is very difficult. Her partner Jengo was kept very incorrectly beforehe came to us, he ended up almost bald and missing half his tail. Since his arrival it has spurred Disa on to educate the world about her fellow animals.

Bella the tanuki

Every so often a special baby is born here with us. This year Bella was just that one. She was removed from the nest by her mother and dropped at my feet when she was around 36 hours old. She was hand reared here by us and now is a loveable bundle of joy, she has already won countless hearts across the country and has no intention of stopping. It is a true privilege to have her and when you meet her you will know why.

Stitch the Burmese python

One of the true giants of this world, measuring over 14 feet in length and weighing in at almost 50 kilos Stitch is a real life gentle giant, unbelievably powerful yet remarkably gentle at the same time. To many she is a symbol of fear and terror but to those that have met her she has left nothing but good impressions. Stitch is an albino, this gives her the striking yellow colouration. Burmese pythons hail from the island of Burma and are amongst the 4 largest snake species in the world. 

Tina the tarantula

Tina is a mexican red knee tarantula, perhaps the most famous of species. They are the most commonly used spiders in TV and film due to their excellent disposition. Tina herself has been to many photoshoots but is still waiting for her big television break. She has also cured countless people of their arachnophobia. Tarantulas are one of the most amazing and underrated animals on this planet. When we visit you we will show you why.

Sarah the boa constrictor

Known for stopping people dead in their tracks Sarah is unbelievably friendly. She loves to explore and meet new people. She hails from South America in the wild but Sarah was captive bred here in the UK. Boa Constrictors are capable of reaching 13 feet in length and weighing over 40 kilos making them a very large and powerful animal.

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