Simon Buckley

Simon Buckley is not just one of the country’s leading puppeteers in children’s television, but also an Anglican Priest! Alongside his television schedules and ministry in the London Diocese of the Church of England, he regularly works in schools to engage children with his collection of fascinating and entertaining puppets.


“Simon's enthusiasm is infectious...” Animations

“...the most engaging visitor we have had in our school in a long time! You left the children and the teachers really inspired.” Headmaster, Blue School


As a professional puppeteer (since the age of nine!) Simon has worked on numerous BBC TV series that are well known to children, including Bear Behaving Badly, Zoo Factor, Fimbles, and Roly Mo Show, which are currently in the schedules. In the past he has puppeteered on programmes from Spitting Image to The Weakest Link, various Muppet Movies, numerous commercials, pop videos, operas in Austria, and even created the first stage show of Charlie and Lola which he directed in Los Angeles!

Regarded as a leader in his field, Simon has a wealth of experience as a puppeteer and communicator with children and is able to provide enthralling assemblies and fun-filled classroom sessions.

Assemblies: Simon offers a puppet presentation for assemblies based on a Bible story (e.g. The Prodigal Son, Jonah and the Whale) followed by simple prayers appropriate to a multi-faith environment. He will also provide teachers notes which will enable the assembly to act as a springboard to an RE class.

Classrooms: An hour’s demonstration of puppets from around the world, giving children a hands on experience of puppets of different types, from a variety of cultures and countries whilst exploring the different materials and methods used in their construction. This lively interactive session (with ideas for making puppets in the classroom) brings together art, design and technology, geography and cultural studies… all in one engaging, interesting and entertaining session! School visits usually last half a day and combine an assembly for the whole school and two classroom sessions. Other options and commissions are possible, according to the needs of your school.

Key information

  • Enhanced CRB
  • Over 25 years professional experience
  • Puppeteer for Educational Television Award and Bafta winning programmes
  • Key Stages 1 & 2

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