Hand To Mouth Theatre

Telephone: 02380 292203.

Hand To Mouth Theatre is Martin Bridle and Su Eaton. Together, they have been producing intelligent popular puppet theatre and shadow puppet workshops for many years. They continue to innovate and delight. They combine acting, music and puppets to create shows and workshops for school audiences.


Puppet Shows and Workshops for Schools


Town Mouse, Country Mouse:

Martin Bridle presents a tale of bravery and mousey derring-do as Hickory goes into the Big Wide World and meets Dickory the Town Mouse.  With the help of the audience they subdue Doc, the predatory cat.  This is a retelling of two Æsop’s Fables, “Town Mouse and Country Mouse” and “Belling the Cat” in one funny, musical and dramatic puppet play. Expect musical chickens and a guest appearance from The Man in the Moon!

Age-range: 4 - 8

Duration: 50 minutes

Audience size: 180 maximum



Frosty Windows:

A delightful and atmospheric shadow puppet show presented by artist and musician, Su Eaton, to lighten the dark days of winter.

Featuring music and songs on the hurdy gurdy, silhouetted shadow puppets, plus live drawn animation, Frosty Windows includes a seasonal story of hibernating animals and a re-telling of the French traditional tale, Sleeping Beauty.

Age-Range: Foundation and KS1

Duration: 35 minutes.

Technical Requirements: A room which can be darkened

Audience size: 90 maximum


Shadow Puppet Workshops:

Su can offer Shadow Puppet Workshops to schools in Hampshire and adjoining counties, up to 3 in a day, one class at a time. This is a very satisfying activity, and all children produce inspiring results when they bring their figure to life behind the screen - whether simple silhouettes or movable translucent versions of their own drawings.

The workshops are suitable for Year R, KS1 and KS2: - Simple Silhouettes 






These translucent puppets, which are reminiscent of the traditional Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and Turkish leather figures, are created by rubbing vegetable oil into felt tip pen drawings on white card. You can find out more about this article at : http://www.handtomouth.co.uk/shadowarticle.html




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Address: Hand to Mouth Theatre, 129 Lyndhurst Road, Ashurst, Southampton, SO40 7AW
Telephone: 02380 292203.
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