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Bringing 21st Century Forensic Science Into Your Classroom

PULSE Education was established 7 years ago by Jacqui Thompson, who had been heavily involved within the specialist field of Engineering Recruitment and Forensic Science within the Education Sector. The aim of PULSE Education is to enthuse young children and young adults about SCIENCE and STEM subjects. Using the subject of CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) she developed and continues to develop a practical "hands on" workshop designed to engage children in Scientific Enquiry using processes and applications used within Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation, promoting early intervention and introducing children at a young age to the Criminal Justice System.

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Our Forensic Science Workshops are about enthusing and raising Aspirations and Achievement in Science amongst young people incorporating Science, Engineering and Maths (STEM) designed to enhance the classroom experience using authentic Forensic resources, stimulating an interest in and progression towards higher skills.

Workshop Overview

If your school is looking for an interesting and innovative way to stimulate an interest in Science, this CSI Forensic Science workshop is designed with you in mind, particularly, if you or your students are fascinated by the world of CSI? This is an interactive Forensic Science Session that will show your pupils how CSI fits into today's modern world. The aim of this workshop is to bring the vocational context into the classroom by developing resources which stimulate an interest in Science and the STEM subjects.

We offer a 'Full Day' workshop, tailored to your timetable and schools individual requirements, all resources are supplied by PULSE. Please contact us now to discuss how PULSE can fully engage your pupils and more importantly keep them on task!


Morning Session: During the morning session all pupils will fully engaged in practical, 'hands-on' CSI activities, these will include learning about the processes and applications used at a Crime Scene including, Fingerprinting using Magnetic Powder and Black Ink. Additionally, the pupils will be looking at Footwear castings and doing Footprints, in addition to looking at Hair and Fibres. The last part of this session is looking at the collection and preservation of evidence at a Crime Scene and the importance of evidence retrieval in a court of law.

Afternoon Session: During the afternoon session, all pupils will don a White SOCO (Scene of Crime Officer) suit, gloves, mask and overshoes and then they will be required to apply their newly acquired skill-set learnt from the morning session to their group Crime Scenes and investigate and report their findings with the help of Suspect Profiles. Attached is our KS2 Lesson Plan relating to our Workshop, this shows the generic format of the day and Learning Outcomes, the day can be completely tailored to your school's timetable.

The workshops supports various Curriculum subjects including : Science, PHSE, Citizenship, History, Geography, ICT & Drama and is a great introduction to the Criminal Justice System at an age when it really matters. The workshop is also used for Enrichment Days, Curriculum Days, INSET, CPD, Off Timetable Days, Outreach Days and in many Primary Schools used to support topics such as : Crime and Punishment, Detectives and other KS2 bitesize topics.

A fantastic day! The workshop ensured that all children became motivated and engaged in science and other areas of the curriculum that they didn’t even realise they were doing. Many of the children now look forward to science. All of the sessions were well organised and resourced. In the morning session the CEOP element was really effective. The children then went onto to learn and practice a variety of skills including: dusting and identifying fingerprints; collecting shoe prints and identifying fibres. All of these skills prepared the children for a brilliant afternoon of crime scene investigation. A crime scene had been set up and the children were given a context and a list of suspects. They applied the morning’s skills effectively and collected evidence to inform their conclusion of the murderer. The children really enjoyed the whole day! Thank you for making it so wonderful. 

Sarah Tunnicliffe (Year 6) Teacher, Whittington Primary School, Common Lane, Lichfield, Staffordshire WS14 9LG

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Learning Outcomes

  • Engaging students into the fascinating subject of Forensic Science
  • Opportunity to explore areas of Forensic Science, a great introduction to Science Curriculum
  • Allows students to participate in practical "hands on" Science activities
  • Broaden their enthusiasm for science making learners active and curious
  • Teaches students that science is all around them
  • To gain confidence in their own thoughts and how to communicate things scientifically to different groups of people

Benefits to Schools

  • Contributes to raised attainment
  • To learn about new topics and try new ideas in a less pressured environment
  • Raising the profile of science within the school
  • Increasing interest and attitude to science
  • Encouraging independent working and team work, in order to approach and solve scientific problems
  • Assisting teachers and schools to raise standards across the whole curriculum
  • Supports the 'Every Child Matters' agenda
  • Opportunities for continued professional development for both teachers and support personnel

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Optional CEOP Session (No Charge)
Our workshops have continued to be developed and we can now include an e-safety Internet Session, as a Trainer for the Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre (CEOP), we are able to offer their “ThinkUknow” Programme which is now being delivered to Primary & Secondary Schools throughout the UK. The short session discusses e-Safety and in particular, MSN / Instant Messenger and Facebook, a short film is then shown to your KS2 - KS4 pupils (8 minutes long) additionally, a CEOP leaflet can be downloaded and handed out to all pupils for their use and their parents/guardian's use.

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  • All resources are provided by PULSE
  • All workshops can be tailored to your individual schools requirements and timetables
  • No VAT is applicable


"Thank you so much for getting our children so excited about forensics. The year 5 and 6 children in my workshop were extremely engaged and fascinated with the techniques and methods that you taught them. They especially enjoyed checking out their fingerprints and realizing just how different each and every person is.

In the afternoon, watching the children try to solve the mystery crime was really interesting. Kids were engaged and worked amazingly well in their teams, helping each other and remembering all the different and important parts to finding a suspect.  Many of them were starting to ask really good investigative questions and realize just how much the little details matter in instances like that. I could not believe how many of the groups came to different conclusions about who committed the crime!
The entire experience was so thrilling and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend the workshop to other schools. Thanks again."
All Saints CE Primary School, London NW2 2TH


"Since having a Forensic Science Workshop, the children in Year 5 and 6 have not stopped talking about it. The day was extremely well planned and had such inspiring resources and activities that it was not a problem to keep 60 children on task for the whole day. Jacqui explained everything in such a clear way and there was plenty of time for the children to get stuck in and experience things for themselves.

The afternoon session built fantastically on the skills that the children had learnt and gave them a real challenge to apply them in a real life situation. Dressing up as SOCOs was an added bonus- even the teachers got involved! The day has inspired some great literacy work on crime stories and the children are still using excellent terminology that they learnt on the day!" Beechfield Primary School, Watford, Hertfordshire

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