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MTaPASS is an engaging and remarkably flexible experiential learning package for young people aged 8 – 18 that includes 17 activities to encourage whole brain learning. The package is designed to help students enjoy learning and feel included while developing interpersonal skills and a sense of responsibility.

“The teachers think this is the best resource we have in the school.” Mr El-Holiby, William de Ferres School

“We have used MTa PASS with our autistic boys; it has provided a great structure to develop creative and life skills.” Stuart Knox, Swalcliffe Park School


The activities provided with MTa Pass are designed to be stimulating but non-threatening for students with diverse backgrounds. Some appear to be easy, e.g. stacking the components on top of each other, but various constraints can be introduced to add levels of complexity. Other tasks are clearly more challenging, e.g. making money by creating various geometric shapes which have predetermined values.

MTa PASS is used by schools to support Inclusion. It is designed to help students develop the attitudes and behaviours that will help them remain in or return to main-stream education.

MTa PASS activities require collaborative working, where success is achieved through understanding and utilising the strengths of others. The task and review process helps students identify areas for improvement and to develop the behaviours needed to succeed. Appreciating others' strengths provides a stepping stone into diversity and allows them to question their own attitudes and prejudices about others.

Gifted and Talented students can have exceptional interpersonal skills, original and creative ways of approaching problems, or excel at expressing ideas in a clear and compelling way. MTa PASS activities provide these students with opportunities to push their own personal boundaries release more of their potential and develop key skills, attitudes and behaviours, to make greater use of their abilities.

The activities engage students in a task, followed by structured learning reviews. The task is the platform for learning, i.e. during the learning review the outcome becomes the focus for analysis of performance and personal learning. Typically the analysis begins with individual work followed by group discussions to develop understanding and conceptual learning.

The learning process is inherently flexible, so students with different needs can learn different lessons together. As a result of a single discussion one student might learn to be less dominant, another to ask more questions, and a third the importance of expressing their own views to other people.

MTa PASS is a complete reusable pack for individual groups or classroom and includes hardwearing components, full teacher’s guide, sample lesson plan, encapsulated briefs and review sheets.


Key information

  • Promotes awareness, motivation, empathy, social skills
  • Enables students to evaluate and practice interpersonal skills
  • Activities are experiential; learning is student driven
  • Engaging contrast to formal lessons
  • Comes with full reusable teachers’ support materials
  • Can be used thoughout the school with students of all ages and abilities

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