Jim Morris

Telephone: 0121 777 1488

Artist Jim Morris helps youngsters of all ages and abilities to explore and express their thoughts and feelings, using puppets they have made themselves. He works closely with educators to devise unique bespoke projects to tackle specific issues relevant to their aims and aspirations and can also devise training packages for staff and parents.

“Jim’s enthusiasm is infectious. Equally impressive was the display of co-operation demonstrated by the children. If anyone is wondering what ’citizenship’ means in Infants schools these days, I would point to this as a good example.” - School Governor, Bournville Infants, Birmingham

“Your methods of working with people are a joy to watch.” Manager, Warstock Community Centre

“Jim is a whiz at doing simple but meaningful activities.”Haki Kapasi, Director, INSPIRE

Over many years, Jim Morris has used puppet making to help youngsters to: express emotions, de-mystify puberty, tackle tricky issues, explore relationships - and have lots of fun. Jim’s brand of creative puppet-making is well-suited to: promoting teamwork, anti-bullying initiatives, consulting young people, encouraging invention and increasing self esteem.

Puppet-making also helps with: story-creation and devising drama, supporting maths/numeracy, and investigating simple mechanics. All this - and more - using readily available materials (which won’t cost the earth) and Jim’s many unique puppet designs which are tried and tested, easy to make, flexible and adaptable.

With more than 20 years freelance experience, Jim works with all ages and abilities including Special Needs groups. He can provide workshops as a solo artist and has arranged collaborative projects with storytellers, dancers, musicians and filmmakers.

Key information

  • Bespoke projects and workshops to meet school requirements
  • 20 years freelance experience
  • Suitable for all ages and abilities
  • Suitable for Special Needs groups
  • Passed Stage 1 Examination in British Sign Language
  • Fully CRB checked
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Free consultation session

Additional Information

Address: Jim Morris, 69 Petersfield Rd, Birmingham B28 0AU
Telephone: 0121 777 1488
The area/s in which this provider is available are:West Midlands

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