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Child in class using VR headsetWHAT IS VR?

Virtual Reality, most commonly referred to as VR, is making waves in education. But what is it? VR is a form of technology that allows pupils to become fully immersed in their surroundings. Imagine being transported to anywhere in the world without having to jump on a plane. Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Great Wall of China or the Galapagos Islands?

We know that experiencing something first hand can’t be beaten. But we also know that this is not always feasible. Using the power of virtual reality, PrimeVR is bringing the outside world into the classroom. Imagine visiting the Colosseum whilst learning about the Romans or blasting off into space during a topic on the Solar System. Our team of qualified teachers can deliver a range of workshops within your school to help bring your topic to life and inspire your pupils with their learning.




VR Workshops

Our VR workshops are delivered by a team of qualified teachers, who are passionate and knowledgeable about bringing the curriculum to life. Over the course of a half or full day, our team can deliver a range of workshops specifically tailored to match the learning outcomes of each KS2 class.

There are over 800 different topics to choose from with Google Expeditions and our team can select and deliver the most engaging for your current topics. Here are some of the most popular workshops we deliver in schools:

- Rainforest Rambler
- Blast Off
- Mystery of the Pyramids
- Mayan Archaeologist
- A World of Volcanoes
- Under the Sea
- Inside the Trenches

Virtual Reality (VR) Workshops


We know that excellent teaching has the greatest impact on pupil progress. But we also know that students only progress if they are engaged in their learning. VR can help with this; bring learning to life and set the scene for your scheme of work. Learning about volcanoes in Geography? Take your students to see a Supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park. Studying WW1 in History? Immerse yourself in the trenches. Trying to improve descriptive writing? Drop your class into the middle of Borneo rainforest.

For VR to have a meaningful impact, it should be planned alongside the requirements of the national curriculum and embedded into your scheme of work. VR can be successfully incorporated into any area of the curriculum. See below for some subject specific examples.

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