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It is all about passion for sharing knowledge. Finding way how to build and program robots which can play the tic tac toe game with Primary School students is not the easiest thing, but with us it is a pleasant experience. Our team is dedicated and hardworking to awake an engineer in every child!

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Are you looking for STEM based Robotics workshops for the Science Week or other occasion?

Great teaching is about creativity and imagination. Our lessons are not bounded to instructions, we never use them as we believe that it is the best way to learn. Creating things and testing them makes the best teacher’s companion.

A few examples from our curriculum:

– Scout
– Worms
– Zombie Crawler
– Rocket Bot
– Race Car
– Mini Fighting Bot
– Flipper Machine
– Fighting Robot

and much much more…

Our Curriculum have more than 100 lesson plans, whatever you have in mind we will able to cover it!

Workshops last for 90 minutes, students have time to build and test robots. Our instructor gives hints and helps to make sure that robots will be constructed correctly. Price is £4 per student.


We have 3 types of After School Clubs which you can choose from.
We never use instructions, it help us to develop creativity and spatial imagination!

1. Club on Advanced Robotics+ (Secondary and High Schools), Tale of Advance Robotics+ (Primary Schools)

2. Club on Advance Robotics (Secondary and High Schools), Tale of Advance Robotics (Primary Schools)

3. Robo Builders Club (Secondary and High Schools), Tale of Robo Builders (Primary Schools)

Testimonials - PrepareRobo

“I went to see one of their sessions at Stratford Library and Wojciech (Jesse) was delivering it. So I sat quietly observing for a long while and then I had a chat with him. The children were enjoying and he was friendly, I think by that time they already knew him as they were doing a 4 week session, and Wojciech (Jesse) was great with them and very patient. Then I met Karol when he came to deliver two session at two libraries with us. I must say that they were both very popular and fully booked, and I think that all the children turned up except for one on each session. Karol is as well very friendly, got along very well with the children and the children and parents were asking me for more sessions.”

~ Maria Reguera, Redbridge Central Library, London, June 2017."

“Robot Wars came to automated life at a Dagenham school earlier this week – putting a new spark into the study of science.”

~ Barking and Dagenham Post

“I have never seen the students so excited and engaged in any school I have observed in the last six months. That’s got to be a good point. If their minds are on and focused they must be learning. The building of the robot did involve a lot of physics without them even knowing it. There was a lot of DT thinking as well, with lots of rapid iteration and design improvements.”

~ Mr Mehul Shah, Assistant Headteacher and STEM Lead, Claremont High School Academy, London

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Telephone: 07482446318
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