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A perspective of time, putting early man in the context of the evolution of the world - from the Earth’s primordial beginning, to the emergence of modern man, through the Mesolithic period, to the early farmers of the Neolithic.

The morning session consists of group investigation where your students will explore numerous informative displays and wonderful scale models of the world in various stages of evolution, Dinosaur models,  plus high grade genuine fossil specimens, interspersed with interactive discussions on the following sub-topics-:

THE EARTH'S FORMATION - From a spinning cloud of gas to a rocky core.
TIME LINE - bacteria to walking fish to early humans.
DINOSAURS - The life and times of T.Rex, Velociraptor and Triceratops.
DARWIN - The importance of fossil megafauna discoveries on the voyage of HMS Beagle in 1831.

The afternoon session starts with an interactive group discussion on EARLY MAN – What happened between the Dinosaurs and the emergence of modern man and how homo-sapiens came out on top.

PALAEOLITHIC period - Rock art and early stone tools from Grahams amazing collection.
MESOLITHIC HUNTER GATHERS – fine examples of Mesolithic tools, through to the early farming communities of the NEOLITHIC period.

Graham Woollard, is a well-known and respected figure in the fields of geology, fossil curation and palaeozoology. He has contributed to the collections of many leading British museums and has two important discoveries to his name:

* a fossil crocodile named “Metriorynchus” found, during a 1989 fossil hunt expedition in the Oxford Clay brick pits around Peterborough, of such exceptional quality in its preservation that it is now part of the National Collection of fossil vertebrates kept at the Natural History Museum in London;
* a previously unknown fossil aphid named in his honour “Penaphis Woollardii”.

Graham’s infectious enthusiasm for all things prehistoric from the earth’s primordial past to the emergence of modern man has been inspiring children and teachers for over decade. He has a vast collection of scale model dinosaurs, real fossils and stone tool collection, which, of course the children get touch and handle where possible.

Key Information
• Curriculum based
• Interactive, hand on experience
• Enhanced CRB
• Full PLI


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Telephone: 0800 112 3192
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