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Positively You is one of the UK’s leading providers of educational workshops. With more than 20 years of experience, they have worked with over 7000 schools, delivering their high-energy, interactive workshops to more than 2.5 million students.

The workshops Positively You provide fall under two categories: Accelerated Learning and Personal Development.


Their Accelerated Learning workshops include:

Super Speed Study Skills - A high-impact workshop that promotes productive, more efficient note-taking and studying techniques. The main goal of this workshop is to help students absorb and retain information more accurately.

Exam Busters - Exam Busters is the ultimate exam preparation workshop. Students will learn a wide range of stress management and information recall techniques. Ideally suited for students gearing up for their GCSEs.

Mind Mapping - Long considered one of the most effective revision tools, mind mapping will help students absorb information by blending together the creative and analytical parts of the brain.

Creative Approaches to Learning - The aim of this workshop is to encourage the idea that learning can be a fun and interactive experience. This is accomplished by teaching students a variety of multi-sensory and multimedia approaches.


Personal Development workshops include:

Resilience - One of Positively You’s more popular workshops, Resilience is all about developing strong minded learners who are resilient to the pressures of modern life, both at school and at home.

Future You - This workshop is all about preparing students for life after secondary and further education. Students will work on their communication skills and interview techniques and learn to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Mastering Student Motivation - Without motivation, would anyone ever succeed? Students in this workshop will learn how to take personal responsibility, remove self-doubt and gain more confidence about their own abilities.

Making Informed Decisions - With a strong focus on careers, this workshop helps students develop their communication, decision making and critical thinking skills.

Alongside the individual workshops, Positively You also offer “programmes,” which are a series of interlinked learning experiences, allowing the team to visit with the same cohort of students several times throughout the academic year.

All students who experience the Super Speed Study Skills, Mind Mapping and Exam Busters workshops will receive a free 4-colour pen, courtesy of Positively You’s partnership with BIC.

In addition, they also offer a wide range of resources that students can take away with them, letting them refer back to the content they learnt in their workshops.

For more information, visit the Positively You website or call a member of the team today on 01983 294737.


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Address: Osborne Stable Block, York Avenue, East Cowes, Isle of Wight PO32 6JU
Telephone: 0844 8094850
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