Theatre Tots

Theatre Tots offers unique drama workshops for Early Years Foundation Stage and special needs children. Sessions are specially designed for the early years and focus on imagination, creativity and sensory work.

Sessions mix music, characters, stories and fun to inspire and captivate young imaginations. All our stories, music and activities are original and unique to Theatre Tots.

Using drama as a means to build confidence, promote creativity, flexibility and imagination and develop social skills. Sessions encourage active participation and interaction between children in a fun and relaxed manner.


They offer:

A. Theatre Tots Interactive Shows - NEW for 2011

We have 3 Theatre Tots shows for Early Years which tour during the year.

1. The Dinosaurs First Xmas – November / December

Joe the Time Traveller has been given the job of dancing back in time to give the dinosaurs their first Christmas! It turns out to be the best journey he has ever made………

2. The Not So Scary Cactus – March / April

Colin lives with his cactus family. But Colin has always been known as the Not So Scary Cactus because Colin doesn’t have any spikes. We join Colin for his journey across the desert to find out who he really is.

3. The Lost Rainbow – June / July

Dulcie the Dolphin and Sid the Shark live in the sea. They are best friends and love to play hide and seek together. One day they find something very special which changes life underwater forever.

Our shows, presented by 3 Theatre Tots performers / facilitators, are 30 – 45 minutes long and can be performed to as many children as you can accommodate in one sitting! After the show we offer 30 minute workshops for up to 30 children at a time to explore the show and meet the characters. All the shows are designed especially for the early years and are completely original with songs, dancing and puppets.


B. Theatre Tots Early Years Workshops

  • Workshops can be tailor-made or selected from a range of themes
  • Workshops can be from one hour to a full day, one off or regular, during or after school
  • We encourage active participation, interaction and imagination
  • Our workshops are fun
  • All our songs, stories and activities are original

FREE Teachers’ Resource Pack for follow-up work in the classroom

DISCOUNTS for early, regular and repeat bookings

Themes at present available are: Pirate, Circus, Space, Under the Sea, Country and Western, Jungle, Round the World, Witches and Wizards, Pantomime


C. The Curtain Club – workshops for children on the Autistic spectrum.

The Curtain Club is a club for children on the autistic spectrum. Commissioned by and developed with Lewisham Council it is original material taught by a minimum of two experienced drama facilitators. We are happy to work with schools and other councils to develop workshops for children with special educational needs.


D. Bilingual Workshops – French / English and Arabic / English

Our original Theatre Tots work has been translated into French and Arabic to serve the diversity of languages in London schools. Workshops are taught by bilingual facilitators and can be a mix of languages or with a focus on one.


E. Make a Play Today Hooray Day!

A unique, day long workshop; working with 2 professional illustrators to create an original story. The illustrators take the students’ ideas to create and illustrate a brand new story live in which they watch.


F. Olympics! Workshops

Get ready for 2012 with a Workshop on the forthcoming Olympics, focussing perhaps on the events and developments in your area.

We are involved with The London 2010 Business Network during the build up to the 2012 Olympics.


G. Page to Stage! – Let us write your end of term performance!

Do you have a school production or concert looming? Not sure what to do and no time to do it? Let us help with ‘Page to Stage!’

We spend a day in your school around a month before the scheduled show. We work with your ‘cast’ taking ideas from them. We then go and hide in a small room and write you something brilliant! This takes a week. This is passed back to you to rehearse for two weeks. At which point we come back in for a day to put in any final touches ready for your audience! You then have your own original production ready to take out for any future performances too!


Our Teacher Resource Packs are specifically designed to support, complement and extend the themed workshops we run in schools.

The themes available at present are:

  • Pirates
  • Jungle
  • Circus
  • Round the World
  • Space
  • Witches and Wizards
  • Under the Sea
  • Dinosaur Christmas
  • Country and Western


Each theme has its own Teacher Resource Pack containing:

  • A transcript of the story used in the workshop.
  • The lyrics of the songs used in the workshop.
  • Follow-up activities for classroom use.
  • A CD of the story and songs used in the workshop.

Additional Information

The area/s in which this provider is available are:East, East Midlands, Greater London, Home Counties, Yorkshire, North of England, North West, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South West, Wales, West Midlands

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