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Squire Theatre was founded in order to introduce students of all ages to the incredibly exciting world of stage combat. To demonstrate safe working practice and to encourage creative learning in a physically engaging and exciting manner. We specialises in providing professional quality stage combat training for a diverse range of clients ranging from schools to professional theatre and film productions.

We have all marvelled at the spectacular fight sequences in our favourite blockbusters or been astounded by the dynamic visceral intensity of a well executed action sequence, but very few of us ever get the chance to play the hero ourselves. A lot of the time this is due to the misinformed belief that stage combat is in some way violent or dangerous. In fact the very opposite is true. Stage combat is all about safety and presentation; using safe and controlled techniques in order to create a repeatable performance that gives the illusion of violence. It is non-competitive, primarily non contact and a great way to encourage team work, trust and physical fitness for all ages.

“Very Interactive, all the children were engaged they all learnt new information. We all really enjoyed the props, it was really good! We would book again!” The Clinton Primary School, Devon

Squire’s education program is centred on the idea that physicality breeds creativity. It’s one thing to study a subject and quite another to apply that study practically. We offer a range of workshops for primary and secondary level students, helping them to engage in a hands on way with their Drama and English studies as well as PE, Dance and History. Be it getting the most out of a curriculum text or tackling a school production, encouraging physical fitness or simply the need for a fun enrichment activity Squire Theatre can help.

"Excellent! The students really enjoyed it, a welcome break from the norm. THANK YOU!" James Rognfort, Razzamataz Theatre School, Exeter

Kiddy Combat – Kids with kick ass moves!

Creative Learning through stage combat. Improving student's fitness, coordination and team work through exciting physical activity....



"The workshop was perfectly tailored to us, fantastic energetic workshop with a fantastic outcome. Thank you" Angela Fleming, Alleyene's High School, Staffordshire 

They Fight! – How a fight works

Squire's most popular workshop! The words “They fight,” when seen in curriculum text, are often the cause for panic but they don't have to be. Learn how to approach and handle stage violence and explore how it can deepen our understanding of a Drama or English text....


Fighting Fit – Fitness through Drama

Drama and PE are seldom subjects people think to combine but both deal with physicality and body mechanics. Using a combination of stage combat training, aerobic exercise, drama games and dance your students will be fighting fit!



I do but bite my thumb – Shakespeare’s fights

Most of Shakespeare's actors were also master fencers and often added fights just to show off their skills. Through practical study of a Shakespearian fight scene students gain a practical understanding of staging and performing Shakespeare, as well as learning about the history and context of the work...


Fight Club – The first rule of Fight Club is…

NO ONE GETS HURT! This workshop is perfect for enrichment and activity days. An action packed introduction to unarmed stage combat focusing on creative thinking, trust and team building. Create your own fight from industry standard techniques and have a lot of fun in the process...


Blood Blood – Practical Effects for Stage and Screen

Ever wanted to make your own special effects? Fancy learning how to handle blood packs, air squibs and sugar glass? Then this is the work shop for you, students learn how to manufacture and use a range of effects combining both performance and behind the scenes skills in one workshop....


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