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Discover Adventure has been designing and operating trips worldwide since 1994 and has a great depth of experience in creating challenging events and expeditions for groups.

Our experience and knowledge allows us to work with schools to create a unique project which offers students the chance to develop personal and social skills, and culminates in an adventurous expedition of a lifetime. School Challenges are designed to give students the opportunity to develop and plan their own expedition to an overseas destination.

Learn valuable life-skills, see the world, learn about other cultures and help other communities - all before you leave school....



Discover Adventure's Globetrotters one-day Citizenship Workshop enables pupils to gain an insight into the developing world.

Examine the issues of responsible tourism and sustainable development while researching and producing an hypothetical expedition and community project relevant to each team's country.

- Our live travel hub, strict budget and timetable lends an interactive and practical nature to this day of discovery

- Finale sees each team country presenting their 'trip' to the rest of the group, which votes for the most worthy and sustainable expedition of the day

- Globetrotters is aimed at Key Stage 4 pupils, though it may be adapted to suit different academic abilities (Years 8 – 13)

- Available for 20 - 80 students in one day



Discover Adventure offers schools and youth groups the chance to experience life outdoors, whether as a follow on from our one-day Globetrotters Citizenship workshop, as a weekend team-building and confidence-giving exercise, or as a precursor to a longer UK or overseas expedition.

You can decide where you would like to base this activity, perhaps close to your school/centre, or in one of the UK’s many areas of wilderness and beauty.

You also choose whether you would like a one-day trip, or to camp overnight and truly get a sense of surviving and sleeping under canvas for the weekend.

Skills employed and explored include team-building, communication, navigation, camp craft and decision-making; this experience will instil a real sense of achievement among your group.

Experienced Discover Adventure leaders will ensure maximum safety as well as fun, and a free teacher place is offered depending upon numbers.



Diverse expeditions in challenging destinations all over the world & UK with a team of approx 15 students (15 yrs+) taking part.

You can choose the length of time to suit you: from a Short Challenge of a few days, to the ultimate one-month School Challenge.

Community Projects are available for your students to get involved in - putting their skills forward to help local projects.

Personal Development & Life Experience

The challenges faced overseas, and during the planning phase, will give students a unique opportunity to work together and solve problems.

Tackling unforeseen difficulties will test your students' abilities and personal skills, and the relationships within their team. Such problems will ultimately give each team a huge, well-deserved feeling of achievement and self-confidence.

A maximum group size of 15 allows every member of the team an important role - and therefore maximum development benefit. We are able to run concurrent groups for schools with higher numbers of interested pupils. 

Additional Information

The area/s in which this provider is available are:Home Counties, Greater London, East, East Midlands, West Midlands, South West, North West, Yorkshire, Scotland, Wales, The North, Home Counties

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