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The Alternative Curriculum Company is the premier provider of outdoor education in the North West. They provide single day team building events at school or off premises during school hours, school holidays and weekends. Their Residential Camps present children with a range of challenging activities that develop skillsand confidence in a real life adventure! Events are tailored to Key Stages and enable aspects of the National Curriculum to be brought to life in the great outdoors.

Children are engaged through a structured itinerary of outdoor activity including problem solving tasks, team cooperation and communication skills. Guided by fun ‘military style’ instructors, pupils are inspired and motivated to work in teams aiming to complete a variety of challenges including:

Fun Military Camp Craft – participants are taught outdoor skills such as Shelter Making, Cooking, Camouflage and Concealment; encouraging teamwork to attain goals.

Traditional Team BuildingTasks – practical problems with time and equipment constraints quickly establish group dynamics. Children are encouraged to evaluate situations and effectively work together to build bridges, fire catapults or cross minefields.

Survival Skills and Bush Craft – learn about survival equipment and the many skills required to live outdoors including building natural shelters, fire making and finding drinking water.

Archery – a fun activity for the group with essential health and safety training attached to an engaging team competition.

Paintball Range– shooting targets is a fun activity for the group with essential health and safety training attached to an engaging a team competition. Schools can incorporate an extra educational dimension to an event by combining outdoor activities with a targeted workshop session.

Health and wellbeing workshop – An ‘add on’ classroom based learning with the following outcomes:

• An understanding of what health and wellbeing is and why it’s important.

• Diet and Nutrition - Learn about food groups and healthy balanced diet. What are  carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, calories, good fats and bad fats.

• The importance of exercise - How does exercise improve your wellbeing?

• Why is sleep important? What happens when you don’t get enough sleep?

Other targeted workshop sessions include:

Conflict & Anger Management, Drug & Alcohol Awareness, Bullying, The Dangers of Gang Culture, Good Mental Health, Emotional Resilience, Peer Mentoring, Sexual Heath, Goal Setting & Interview Skills.

The Alternative Curriculum Company employs CRB cleared instructors who share a wealth of experience, skills and qualifications. All have strong military backgrounds, making them the most patient, knowledgeable and inspiring instructors around.


Key information

  • Single day events, weekends or 1-5 night Residential Camps
  • Longer term tailored programmes
  • Suitable for all key stages
  • All activities risk assessed
  • Over 40 different activities and workshops
  • Fully bespoke service 

Additional Information

Telephone: 01942 617 953
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* Creative Arts » Craft
* Sport and Recreation » Archery
The area/s in which this provider is available are:North West

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