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Telephone: 01929 421075

Allnatt Venues have been a leading provider of residential visits for Schools, Colleges and Universities since 1924. They have developed long term partnerships with many educational establishments. All programmes cover a number of curriculum matched topics aimed at all key stages.

The Coastal Discovery and Adventure Programme - Allows children to discover the wonders of the environment through hands on learning experiences in fantastic locations on the world heritage coastline. Sessions include: Trailblazing along coastal areas, environmental activities, sustainable survival skills, team challenges, sunset walks, creating environmental art and lots more.

The Outdoor Adventure Programme - balances risk and adventure using outdoor adventurous activities developing self confidence and teamwork. Children are actively involved throughout the session and guided to support and encourage each other. Sessions operate with the challenge by choice idea in mind which means pupils are not forced to participate in activities if they don’t want to as this will have a negative effect. Sessions include: Night Navigation Challenge & Orienteering, Ropes Course, Climbing and Abseiling, Archery, Team Building & Pioneering, Overnight Bivi, and Bush Craft.

Team work is a valuable life skill that any person can learn. It is essential throughout life be it at school, in the work place or in a social environment. These programmes are designed to challenge groups in a way which helps them to develop their personal skills and their ability to work in a team with great emphasis on setting goals and using them to build self-esteem and positive relationships within the group. The activities can include: Night walk Challenge & Orienteering, Ropes Course, Climbing and Abseiling, Initiative Exercises & Pioneering, Overnight Bivi & Bush Craft, Trailblazing, Environmental games and Environmental Art.

Field Studies – with access to some of the most important fieldwork locations in the UK, with the staff to bring the sites alive. Tutors are qualified with high levels of local knowledge to meet curriculum needs and are backed up by widespread centre resources. There is a field studies resource room which provides laptops with internet, whiteboards and a projector giving the ideal area for collating and analysing the data collected. All programmes are individually made to answer task questions for controlled assessment.

Environmental Creativity – is a highly innovative programme that dispels the notion that Outdoor Education is confined to physical activity and uses hands on approach to give children empathy with different habitats they work in. This is achieved through educational games which introduce new ideas and skills through play. The activities available on this programme can include Trailblazing through coastal, grassland, heath land and Sand dune environments, sustainable survival skills, team building exercises, sunset walk, creating environmental art and lots more.


Key information

  •  Long term partnerships with many educational establishments
  •  Specialises in seaside, beach and coastal environments
  •  Residential visits
  •  Free Preview Planning Visit
  •  Key stages 1-5
  •  Various group sizes

Additional Information

Address: Allnatt Venues, Chatsworth Centre, 35 Ulwell Road, Swanage, Dorset BH19 1LG
Telephone: 01929 421075
The area/s in which this provider is available are:South West

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