Music Factory

Music Factory is a “can-do” course designed to enable all children (pre-school to year 3) to enjoy learning to make music to a standard pleasing to themselves and others while having tremendous fun. This innovative course which teaches children to read, write, understand and make music through a programme which is both stimulating and fun and captures the children’s imaginations, as they explore the delightful world and language of music.


“The activities introduced worked well on a cross-curricular level; the children were even storytelling, which is particularly beneficial to their language development.”

“The activities could easily be led by staff because it is not necessary for them to play an instrument, unlike other courses.”

“If children were to complete this course before starting instrumental tuition they would progress much faster, and be more likely to continue.”

“I would like to know how to extend this project into primary school.”

“You could adapt any of the activities to integrate with your planning.”

“The development of the programme will enable children to have a greater understanding of musical concepts – particularly children who are socially disadvantaged.”


The benefits of the course include, performance confidence, sight reading skills, social awareness, language and reading skills and increased confidence and self-esteem.

The course ticks many cross curricular boxes and ties into and exceeds the requirements for Key Stages 1 and 2. It can readily be adapted for most special needs.

CPD training courses are available to introduce pre-school and primary practitioners to this unique and successful course. The presentation is lively and bright, capturing the imagination of children as they enter the absorbing world of The Note Family. The course is fun to teach, fun to learn and the unique nature of the course makes it effective for musicians and nonmusicians alike.

The course is designed to eliminate the mystery and inaccessibility of reading music and tackles the most sophisticated concepts with simple child-friendly logic. Confidence is built on success and success is assured because, over the development years, areas of potential difficulty have been painstakingly pinpointed and ironed out so that pupils progress smoothly and steadily with maximum fun along the way. The syllabus is taught with stories, songs, rhymes and games expertly designed to impart musical knowledge and skills. “I was very impressed with what children of all abilities picked up through the course; all the children got something out of it. I am particularly amazed at what certain children with learning problems have achieved.”


Key information

  • Courses are tailor made for each school
  • Workshops 10-15 pupils
  • Pre-school through to year 3
  • Fun for children and teacher
  • Enhances and exceeds Key Stage 1 & 2 requirements
  • Teacher training and inset days
  • CRB Checked and insured
  • Qualified teacher with 20+ years experience 

Additional Information

The area/s in which this provider is available are:North West, west midlands

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