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Sly Arts present opportunities for students to make music, film and audio art by extending arts provision. Workshops allow participants to develop interpersonal skills alongside artistic, technical and technological abilities. Workshops can be designed to suit specific needs and can also address issues like bullying, or health.


Make your own Ukulele! from recyclable materials, learn how to play it and take part in a live performance. The Utterly Butterly Ukulele project creates ukuleles from spread tubs, fishing line, wood and screw eyes. The workshop is suitable for all ages and to the amusement and amazement of all participants, the Tub-Uke sounds authentic, and is very playable.  

Ukulele workshops can be stand alone, full or half day in a school or community environment or can be run as  part of a series of workshops in a geographical area over several days, where everybody comes together for a massed Ukulele jam session and performance. In a 1 day event 60 pupils can each make a Ukulele to play and keep. The workshops can take place anywhere, including schools (yrs 3 - 12) libraries, community halls and all materials are provided.

The workshops have proved universally appealing and can work as either “drop in” or timetabled sessions. The project can complement: · Sing Up - · Arts and Health initiatives - · KS2 national curriculum - · Community cohesion initiatives - · Family Learning - · Music in libraries - · Arts Award - · Extended schools - · Every child matters - · NI 11 participation in the arts - · Music industry associations (MIA) or “Weekend Warriors”


Sly Arts provide other popular sessions including:

‘Live and Tech’- DJ & MC workshops

‘Loops and Technology’– work with professional musicians & record music.

Rock and Pop- compose, play and perform original music and lyrics

DJ & MC- use music technology and decks, produce original music.

The company also have significant experience teaching web design, graphic arts and graffiti art.

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Telephone: 0208 1337940
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