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Much Ado Workshops was set up in 2013 by former teachers with a passion for education and performing arts. With a wealth of experience in both fields the Much Ado team bring learning to life through active and inventive workshops.

Educational Workshops

Our unique structured workshops enrich the National Curriculum through creative learning ideas. Pupils will experience fun, inspiring and fully inclusive learning opportunities through a variety of performing arts based activities whilst enhancing their knowledge, self-confidence and self-esteem. Each of our unique workshops encourage pupils to develop relationships through working and creating and to be inspired to perform and thrive.

Time Traveller

Covering a range of significant historic events and eras pupils will be adventuring through a vast period of history using a broad range of performing arts disciplines.

The Time Traveller workshop will inspire pupils’ curiosity about life in times gone by and enable them to gain a greater understanding of key events that have shaped our lives today. It will challenge pupils to use their imagination and consider the lives of those living in different stages of our history, reflecting on moral and social issues and understanding other people’s experiences. Pupils use their learning to underpin their very own devised performances involving drama, sound dance.


A fascinating, inspiring adventure in space!

An exciting day of learning and creating will allow pupils to explore and compare the characteristics of planets in our Solar System and broaden their knowledge of our universe. Using their imagination they will reinterpret their understanding to devise a stellar performance combining drama, sound and dance.

A day in the life

A thought provoking, active and exciting workshop comparing the lives of school children in differing cultures and communities in the UK and Kenya.

Pupils will be given the opportunity to learn about different aspects of life and develop an appreciation of connections between cultures and countries, comparing and contrasting lives in Kenya and the UK. They will reflect on social and cultural issues and develop an understanding of other people’s experiences which will all be used to inform their group drama, sound and dance performances.

What’s the story

Imagination is the inspiration for our Children’s Literature workshop, covering a diverse range of traditional and contemporary literature from CS Lewis, Lewis Carroll and Roald Dahl to David Walliams and others too!

Through exciting drama tasks and role play pupils will explore reality and illusion and explore the characters, relationships and morality in their stories, all set at a level appropriate to the age of your pupils. They will learn to understand and empathise with characters’ emotions and use this to underpin their imaginative drama, sound and dance pieces.

Quick Fire Class Act

In just one hour your pupils will be taken on a creative adventure stimulating their imagination and creativity and working their bodies and minds.

Who knows where we will be taken as pupils are given the opportunity to develop drama scenarios, sound montages and dance pieces. In small groups collaborative work will enable pupils to develop not only their own self confidence but teamwork skills too in order to produce a strong team performance.

Pupils will spend 2 days based in the awe inspiring, award winning Lion Salt Works (Northwich) taking a tour of the site, learning about life in a salt panning community and bringing their learning to life through a series of exciting performances set in locations across the site.

This unique project allows children to develop their knowledge of local history and geography whilst developing their self-confidence, self-esteem and creativity through a range of challenging and rewarding performance activities based in drama, sound and dance culminating in a unique performance to an invited audience.

All pupils will take an important role in the performances and throughout the two days they will be learning about local history and exploring connections between international events and the local economy and community, global trade links and the impacts of the salt industry on people, the economy and the environment.  We inspire pupils’ curiosity by enabling them to explore their local area from a historical perspective linking past events and experiences to the present day. The knowledge they gain will underpin their performances in drama, sound, movement and dance.

"A thoroughly enjoyable and informative workshop which has enriched our classroom studies. The children loved having the opportunity to create their own dramatic interpretations of the issues discussed and produced some excellent poetry as a result." J Baxter, Ravensbank Primary School, Lymm

“The workshop was absolutely brilliant!  All the children were engaged and enthusiastic for the whole two days and loved working collaboratively on soundscapes, drama and dance whilst learning about the history of the local area. Performing at The Lion Salt works produced an exceptional performance – such a fascinating and atmospheric place. We are already looking forward to next year!”. M. Wheeler Hartford Primary School, Northwich

"The workshop was really exciting and the children were totally immersed in the activities from start to finish. They all took an active role in every element of the day from writing dialogue to learning dance moves, culminating in an inspirational performance the whole school enjoyed." R. Atherton, St Benedict's Catholic Primary School, Handforth


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