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Our friendly and informative Moorlands Bushcraft team specialise in sharing their bushcraft skills and knowledge needed for you to experience and enjoy living in the woods, and on the moors, in a comfortable, simple and traditional way. It is far more than just surviving; it is about embracing and living the experience.

 Moorlands Bushcraft are based on the Staffordshire Moorlands and operate sensitively and responsibly in private woodland. We can also bring our Bushcraft skills to you and can operate on many other sites in and around the peak District.

 Our team of I.O.L. (Institute of Outdoor Learning) bushcraft practitioners (with a minimum accreditation of Foundational Bushcraft Competence) can bring bushcraft to schools, which will all help towards fulfilling your LOtC (Learning outside the classroom) requirements. Moorlands Bushcraft have also brought bushcraft skills to schools to support Duke of Edinburgh Award programmes. Where we have introduced bushcraft skills to schools for LOtC purposes, a series of progressive sessions has lead to an over-night woodland experience using all their new bushcraft skills.


The Experience

• Making Fire

You just can't beat the feeling of warmth and comfort that you get from gathering around a crackling fire. Let's face it, man has been doing it since we were living in caves.

We will share our knowledge and experiences with you so that you are equipped with the skills to source the correct materials for your chosen method, dependent on the environment that you are in, and how to safely enjoy your fire and then when you have finished, leave it, with the knowledge that it is fully extinguished and left with no trace.


• Tools and Safe Use

Having a few basic tools with you can make your experience in the woods an enjoyable, comfortable and memorable occasion, way beyond just surviving. With just one tool and the appropriate skills, you can make a shelter, create a fire, even tap into a water source, let alone harvest some food by making a trap. The smart bushcrafter travels light of equipment, and heavy with knowledge.

For the educationalists, we feel, with over 21 years of experience in writing Risk Assessments based around all forms of Outdoor Adventure Education, that we are well qualified to assist you in writing yours, so please enquire how we can save you time.


• Shelters

Designs of shelters depend on the environment around you, whether it is mixed, deciduous or coniferous woodland, however there are all sorts of other environmental issues to consider. How long are you going to be there? What is the environmental impact of you actions going to be? And how public is your site?

For these reasons we are as much in favour of using some man made products in this arena as natural ones. To know how to make a debris shelter is excellent and great fun but if we all go out there and make one every other weekend, there will not be much of our beautiful woodland left for our children to enjoy.

We aim to educate and discuss these principals as much as share and explore experiences with you.

• Crafts and Skills

One of the main enjoyments of spending time in the woods is seeing, understanding and using the natural resources around you. What you can create, to a certain degree, will be dependant on the environment you are in and whether it is a mixed, deciduous or coniferous woodland.

• Cooking & Water

Once you have made your shelter and got your fire lit, the only thing missing to complete the experience is to eat, drink and cook outdoors. Even the most basic food tastes better outside. Why is that?

We will look at foods that can be cooked directly in, under or over the fire, cooking in a Dutch Oven, baking Bannock breads and making pancakes. Then, to wash all the lovely food down, a hot but delicate infusion of nettle, bilberry or heather.

We will look at collecting and purifying water via several methods and look at other basic but very practical equipment to take into the woods for a base camp such as Kelly kettles.

• Group Work

With educational groups the content of any programme is going to be dictated, to a degree, by the number of students and the time slot of each session available. We can deliver anything from a one-hour intervention through to a two-day, over night camp.

The group-work skills encourage leadership, planning, teamwork and communication.

Also, on an individual level, every child matters, so our highly skilled IOL (Institute of Outdoor Learning) qualified Bushcraft & Survival Skills practitioners will be taking every opportunity to encourage self review and reflection that will help build up relationships, develop confidence and grow self esteem.

Working with you, we will help design a programme that will tick all your LOtC (Learning Outside the Classroom) requirements, and many more!



1 day, maximum of 5 contact hours with a single group or several groups

 How you use your time is up to you; 1 group for 5 hours or 5 groups for 1 hour each, or any other combination subject to a minimum session time of 1 hour


Bookings by arrangement throughout the year

Who is it for:

Any educational group. You will be on a maximum of 1 instructor for 12 people, maximum group size of 24 at any one time


Ipstones on the Staffordshire Moorlands or at any school or local authority site by arrangement


Content is dependent on session times and outcomes required but could include:

 Shelter building – fire by friction – natural fire lighters – natural cordage – camp fire cooking – Kelly Kettles - bushcraft on a budget

Additional Information

Address: Moorlands Bushcraft, 67 Brookfields Road, Ipstones, Staffordshire Moorlands, ST10 2LY
Telephone: 0800 358 1309
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