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moonmanmedia was established in 1999 by Dan Williams to create film & audio content for artists, art students & arts organisations.

We work with

  • Artists
  • Museums
  • Councils
  • Schools
  • Dance Companies
  • Theatre Companies
  • TV Production


“He is the most versatile and resourceful filmmaker I have ever worked with – able to plan, shoot and post produce film to the highest creative and technical standards. Most of all, he is sensitive and he cares deeply about the impact of a film on its subjects. In this day and age, that’s saying something.” Andrew Coggins MBE



Need someone to help with a film project? Dan has extensive knowledge and advice to give on making/producing a film project.  

Dan can also create content for performances as well as running multi camera shoots of live events, (particularly dance) which can be edited and produced onto a DVD so you can re-live the performance whenever you want!



moonman media provide affordable, quality video productions/documentaries tailored to your needs and will help develop your online video presence on your website. Dan is an experienced promo-documentary cameraman with an attitude of respect for the situation being covered.

‘I have found myself documenting a lot of projects that use the creative process to enable change particularly with young people who are on the edges of society.’

 Call or e-mail Dan Williams to discuss your project.

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Telephone: 0151 6306572
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