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Science Dome explores science, geology and geography in an interactive way using the latest full dome 360 degree projection equipment. Science Dome visits schools providing an additional science resource and presenting a different learning experience to children. They provide fully digital mobile planetarium and natural history shows, utilising a purpose-built mobile dome situated in your school hall, or the UK’s first dome designed for exterior use.


“The presentation was adapted well for the needs of the school. The experience was thoroughly enjoyed by both children and adults! There was a buzz for days afterwards.”

“We were delighted with the presentation. It supported the children’s learning and even from an adult point of view was amazing. Thank you.” Teacher Feedback


A full day visit can include up to five class shows and there are a number of engaging and informative programmes to choose from, suitable for every year group including:

1. Solar System Tour and Beyond - KS2/3

2. Space Exploration (Apollo Moon Landings) - KS1/2

3. Dinosaur Show - KS1/2/3

4. Rocks, Soils and Fossils - KS2/3

5. Earth and Beyond - KS1/2

6. Light/Dark and Space - KS1

7. Light and Sound - KS1/2

8. Ancient Egypt (or Greece) and the Stars - KS1/2

9. Under the Sea - KS1/2 or .. Weather - KS1/2

10. Pirates and the Sea - KS1

11. Fractal Dome (Maths and Natural Symmetry) - KS2/3

12. Down to Earth (Volcanoes and Earth's History) - KS1/2

13. Nano Cam Show (Biodiversity at Micro-level) - KS2/3


The innovative Dinosaur Show for example includes dinosaur pictures in 3D using 3D glasses (provided) and also real dinosaur fossils to handle and examine. The giant 180 degree projector is used to walk through a dinosaur landscape.

The show starts with time travel back to the Jurassic times and pictures of early Earth landscapes. It then gives an interactive introduction to dinosaurs and talks about the fossils in the local Jurassic coast. The show ends with possible explanations for dinosaur extinction such as a large meteorite. They then look at the stars using the planetarium and observe many shooting stars and the night sky.

Shows are typically 45 minutes in length but can be longer for older pupils. The Rocks and Fossils programme is one hour and includes samples to hold. Infant Schools are recommended to have 30-35 minutes for Reception and Y1. Please ensure you plan your schools event early with us, as they can take booking 6 to 8 months in advance. Certain dates during a term can be very busy.

Content is constantly being developed, and covers many subjects. New additions to the Science Dome programme are four full-surround films using a new 360-degree projection system from the USA. These films wrap around and over the viewer on the whole surface of the dome, and are the type of films presented in fixed planetariums in science centres, but they will bring them to your school!

Key information

  • MobileScience Programmes
  • Interactive and hands on elements
  • Supports curriculum
  • 180 – 360 degree projection
  • 5 class shows in full day
  • Cost is £425 excluding VAT and £480 excluding VAT in the London area. Please be aware that we charge a travel and hotel supplement north of the M4.

Additional Information

Address: Science Dome, 40 Drummond Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth BH1 4DT
Telephone: 01202 304734
The area/s in which this provider is available are:Greater London, East, East Midlands, Greater London, Home Counties, Yorkshire, North of England, North West, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South West, Wales, West Midlands

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