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Telephone: 0151 473 5975

MGL specialise in providing support for schools with a track record dating back 10 years and work with over 600 primary, secondary and SEN schools across the North West. MGL assist schools to enhance and enrich curriculum delivery through innovative services that have a proven impact on learning and teaching.

The extent of the services provided by MGL encompass most aspects of school life with high quality CPD provided by our team of practising teachers, Leadership consultancy offered by our team of former headteachers, Administration support delivered by personnel familiar with all School Management Systems, Web and Print Design delivered by highly skilled developers and designers, Technical Solutions and Design from our team of engineers with more than 200 years of experience of education and the MGL Academy which offers schools the opportunity to engage with professionals in a range of artistic and creative realms.

The MGL Academy provides schools with access to professional, creative artists with experience of working in schools but subject to the usual safeguarding and quality checks which have become synonymous with MGL’s delivery over the past 10 years. The Academy has a range of talented practitioners in a range of disciplines including;

Digital Music, Instrumental Music, Drama, Dance, Fine Arts, Pottery, Journalism, Cookery, Scriptwriting, Sports, Martial Arts and Languages (Greek, German, Spanish French, Italian, Hindu, Urdu, Japanese and Chinese) and was developed in response to the Rose Report and the subsequent demand from schools to introduce diversity of opportunity for their learners as they move towards a more thematic based curriculum.

MGL have experience of delivery of similar services into both primary and secondary schools. The key benefits for schools are:

• Single point of contact for all creative/performing arts practitioners

• CRB Checks carried out by MGL

• Quality assurance function provided by MGL

• Co-ordination and management of delivery

• Linkages to other MGL delivery

• Linkages to the curriculum

The MGL Academy Team will work alongside schools in order to agree the scope of any delivery and develop both an Extended Services and Learning programme which supports the way in which your school curriculum is delivered.


Key information

  •  10 years experience in the educational support sector
  •  One stop agency for creative and performing arts artists
  •  All artists CRB checked and quality assured
  •  Artists supplied on a credit basis
  •  All aspects of artistic curriculum covered
  •  Programmes designed to suit school requirements

Additional Information

Address: MGL Academy, Fairfield House, Binns Road, Liverpool, L7 9NE
Telephone: 0151 473 5975
The area/s in which this provider is available are:North West

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