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Defcon Workshops are all about helping young people to think positively about themselves and their future, while learning from talented young professionals. Defcon’s experienced tutors demonstrate how easily accessible music and the arts can be to anyone. Their workshops cover everything from lyric writing and music production to DJing and drumming. Wider issues such as careers, health issues and welfare are also explored in the relaxed and friendly sessions, with personal guidance offered where required.


“All I can say is if you haven’t used Defcon, then you haven’t used the best.” Justin Wanstall, Senior Youth Worker, Riverside Youth Centre, Canterbury

“The outstanding factor during your performance was the inclusion of children and young people who requested to join in and perform their own pieces, written and produced that very day. Incredible, and testament to Defcon’s natural ability to draw out the hidden skills, achieving trust, rapport and positive mentoring with challenging groups.” Cormac Martin, Co-ordinator, Kent Children’s Fund

“Defcon deliver a key service that provides young people with real opportunities.” The Princes Trust


Defcon began in 2004 at the Young People’s Development Programme on the White City Estate in London, a pilot scheme that aimed to reintegrate children excluded from education. Following several sessions with the young people, feedback from both students and teachers at the centre was phenomenal. The results highlighted that a project like this is a perfect way to provide an outlet of expression for a young person – building their self-esteem and confidence regardless of background.

Within the last 4-5 years, the project has been taken throughout the UK, to benefit young people in both schools and youth organisations. The workshops are run by a collective of professional musicians and artists, who understand, and can relate to, the youngsters’ issues and aspirations and are supportive and encouraging tutors.

So what goes on in a workshop? – Defcon explores the practical aspects of making music. It’s a hands-on experience using turntables, microphones, synthesizers and keyboards, laptop production systems and percussion. The energy kicks off right from the start!

To get the most out of each session, individuals are asked which skill they would like to try first, and they then go to work in smaller groups centred on each skill. They can try everything, and are free to change their choice and move group.

What if you’ve never made music before? – Everyone, at some point, has hummed to a tune, tapped, clapped or clicked to a beat, so everybody has musical potential within him or herself. Defcon takes an informal approach, giving participants a relaxed atmosphere where they can really go for it! The tutors will never force anyone to perform or record if they don’t feel they want to. However, sometime’s all that’s needed is a little confidence boost, and Defcon’s tutors are understanding and skilled at channelling both confidence and untapped talent.

Skills taught include: DJ Skills, Production/recording, MCing, Creative writing, Singing, Beatboxing, Percussion, Steel pan, Film Making.

Key information

  • All age groups, genders and backgrounds
  • Insured, PAT Tested and CRB checked 

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