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Science in a Suitcase and Maths in a Suitcase will transform the school hall into its very own science centre or maths centre. Each class will be able to enjoy the many hands on activities and experiments, regardless of age, experience, background or ability. Whether it be maths or science all the activities are carefully designed to attract, engage and extend.

“Activities were thought provoking, appropriately matched for each age range and certainly enjoyable for all involved.” Quinzone, Birmingham

“Captured children’s attention and gave the opportunity to solve maths problems practically - an excellent workshop.” HolyFamily Primary School


Maths in a Suitcase

Maths in a Suitcase is a maths master class for the whole school. Over 30 different hands on activities explore a whole range of mathematical ideas and concepts, including: “big” numbers, numerical sequences, reflection & symmetry, 2D and 3D tessellating, problem-solving, geometry, shape and space, generalising and specialising, etc. yet in ways that are accessible to all.

Science in a Suitcase

Science in a Suitcase supports scientific enquiry. Children will enjoy a brief science show (topics include: bubbles, sound, forces, materials etc) before using over 30 different experiments. They will be encouraged to observe, to look for patterns, to estimate and to recognise changes, to communicate and discuss their ideas with their friends. They will engage in many of the same activities that challenged the great scientists, and combine creative thinking and experimental evidence.

Selwyn van Zeller

The programmes, exhibitions and activities have been put together by Selwyn van Zeller (formerly of Light on Science). He has over 20 years experience in the design, fabrication and presentation of hands-on science and maths.

“My role, apart from developing hands on science and maths, is to work directly with children - to facilitate, to explain, to discuss, to challenge, and to ensure that everyone has a positive experience and a fun time.”



Key information

  • Hands on science and maths exhibitions
  • Activities designed for maximum participation
  • Suitable for class sized groups, 50 minute sessions
  • Stimulates interest and learning in science & maths
  • Supports curriculum in a fun learning environment
  • Set up with minimum disruption (tables required)
  • Includes presenter led demos
  • CRB checked
  • £295 per day

Additional Information

Address: Selwyn Van Zeller, 7 Station Avenue, Edgebaston, Birmingham B6 9SZ
Telephone: 0121 429 9327
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