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Major Mustard is one of Britain's top touring solo puppeteers and storytellers with over 30 years experience in the art of puppet theatre. He performs everywhere from schools and libraries to Festivals, Theatres and TV. Major Mustard brings tales to life with traditional glove and shadow puppet theatre, storytelling and music that offer a perfect blend of entertainment and education.

" . . . Major Mustard has established a reputation that is second- to- none among small touring companies in Britain.

" One of the few puppet companies which has always maintained the highest standards of presentation, entertainment and craftsmanship in its productions." Polka Children's Theatre

His puppet theatre shows appeal to all ages and guarantee a memorable experience with a repertoire based on a broad mix of traditional and modern stories told in imaginative and exciting ways to enthrall children of all ages. Traditional puppet shows include classics like King Arthur – Cinderella – Robin Hood and The Ugly Duckling while equally entertaining modern productions provide a new slant on the fairytale

The Magical Mustard Pot- Major Mustard has a present - a Magical Mustard Pot ... But how does it work? Join Major Mustard in a variety of songs, shadow puppets and stories as he investigates the mysterious and magical Mustard Pot.

Little Blue Skid - In this zany comedy, motorbike riding Little Blue Skid Lid and her Granny become involved with an unusual lion that has escaped from the circus - a vegetarian lion! There's a large reward at stake! Will the lion be captured? Is everyone safe? What will happen?

Storytelling over the years has been a vital part of every culture throughout the world, providing both entertainment and education. Storytellers take their listeners to new worlds, present them with differing experiences and involve them with new thoughts, ideas and feelings. Major Mustard combines many performance techniques to create a traditional yet unique style of storytelling with a wide repertoire of stories to suit any age between 3 and 11.

Animal Tales– A bewitching mixture of well-loved traditional stories of animals, sea creatures and birds from around the world. Some are sung or spoken; others told using tableau puppets, rod puppets and some with dancing jig dolls.

Celtic Treasury- A pot-pourri of songs, stories and music from the Celtic lands of Europe told and played by Major Mustard in his own inimitable way in this celebration of the rich heritage of the Celts.

Travelling Tales­- See and hear songs and stories from around the world retold with amazing and colourful shadow puppets and silhouettes.

Tales with a Twist- Tales of tricksters and swindlers, people with honey tongues and devious minds, stories with unexpected outcomes!

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