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Bring history to life with an educational experience to be remembered!

Suitable for all age groups and presented in a fun and informative way. Children react very well to seeing how people really lived and our workshops are delivered in character using accurate period costume and a small museums worth of objects!

From everyday items used in food preparation, clothes and jewellery, through to weapons and tools. All reproduction items we use strive for accuracy but we even bring real ancient objects into school - let the museum come to you!

British Prehistory is finally back in the curriculum!

I was captivated at school by stories of ancient Britons, the Celts, Romans, etc and this led to a life-long fascination with ancient history. I trained in Archeology but did not pursue a full career in that subject. Many years later I worked at the British Museum for seven years as the Development Manager in charge of creating replicas and products for sale in the museums’ shops. Still later in life I have combined several of my pastimes: archaeology / metal detecting / blacksmithing / reenactment into a new range of educational workshops. I have amassed a small museums’ worth of real ancient artefacts from prehistory and have created a large collection of replica objects that bring to life everyday society between 6500BC - 60AD.

Children learn in a very direct way when looking at, and handling, actual objects which really bring-to-life what life was like so long ago.

We offer a wide range of presentations and workshops across this exciting subject:

  • Whole school presentations of the timeline 6500BC - 60AD. Delivered in costume and supported by a great variety of objects.
  • Focus on one era: Stone Age (Neolithic) / Bronze Age / Iron Age with more hands-on activities (see below).
  • Individual classroom sessions. A suggested minimum of 2 hours per class group due to the large amount of objects and information that can be delivered. Looking at, handling and discussing the various objects and their uses is very educational but will take quite a while!
  • Activities can include: Build a tabletop replica Iron Age Roundhouse. Making and painting a card shield / sword. Moulding and casting a Bronze Age axe in plaster. Making beaded jewellery (extra charges will apply). And many more - please ask!

We recommend that for best retention of the workshop contents we will present a series (4-6) sessions to a single year group throughout the school day. Alternatively each session could be a single class group of no more than 40 pupils and should last a minimum of 45 minutes. Ideally we will be situated in the school hall and the pupils come to visit us in class groups throughout the day. We will need guidance on how much or little you would like the children to handle the objects.

We can work with one year group split into various activities or deliver an introduction to the subject to a maximum of 6 groups within a school day.

We will work with you to ensure we deliver the maximum number of sessions throughout the school day but please note that due to the large amount of items on display we will require a minimum of 45 minutes to set up before the first session of the day. This means the first session could start no earlier than 09.45.

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Telephone: 0208 429 1074
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