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Jude Lennon, of Little Lamb Tales, is an Award winning children's writer who provides storytelling sessions for Early Years, KS1 & KS2. Jude has a background in education, teaching Early Years for nearly 18 years before becoming a professional storyteller.

Jude operates as Little Lamb Tales with her trusty mascot Lamby. Offering a diverse selection of well loved traditional stories, folk stories from around the world and self penned stories, Little Lamb Tales is available for schools or community events.



We can provide storytelling sessions for all classes from Nursery to Year 6. Using the topics given to us by your setting, Little Lamb Tales will create Storytelling sessions specifically for each class.

The sessions may include traditional or well loved stories, folk lore, stories from around the world or self-penned adventures.


Drama is a fantastic way to enhance and develop Creativity. Speaking & Listening, PSED, problem solving and Writing skills. We offer Drama workshops based upon a book or theme of your choice for Reception to Year 6.

Pupils will be experience a range of Drama skills during the session.

Story Boxes

Story Boxes are a wonderful resource but often finding a spare adult to use them to their full potential is difficult. The Story Box Project could be the answer to this problem! This is an exciting opportunity to develop speaking and listening skills and writing skills over a longer period of time with your pupils.

One morning per week for a 6 week period, I would come to your setting and work with three groups of children (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2). The objective of the project is to promote writing through speaking and listening activities. This is particularly useful when trying to encourage boys writing.

(Please note, if you are outside the Merseyside Area, transport and accommodation (if applicable) costs will need to be added to the amount.)



A unique opportunity to work with the Winnie the Pooh, Disney Laureate for the North West.

Following input from the children I will create a unique story about your Primary School. The children will provide the illustrations and the finished product will be made into a book, printed by a publishers and sold to the parents.

The books are perfect to sell for Christmas, World Book Day or end of year keepsakes.

After costs you could raise…
Over £300 for a one form entry school (with Nursery), over £700 for a two form entry school or over £1,000 for a three form entry school.

Costs for this are as follows:

1 form entry school £500
2 form entry school £600
3 form entry school £700

This includes

•    Visit to school to gather ideas from the children
•    Writing the bespoke story for the school
•    Half day editing/changes
•    Liaising with the publishers

Say it to write it!

This workshop offers delegates some practical ideas for developing crucial speaking and listening skills. These include the use of puppets and Small World, Story Umbrellas, Story Boxes, Drama/movement and music. Delegates will then be shown how to use these skills to encourage/improve and develop creative writing. These skills can be used in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 and will, in fact, encourage staff to develop their own creative writing skills.

Prices are correct as of 2015 and do not include travel expenses which are negotiated at point of booking.

Half Day workshop £350

Full day workshop £600; this workshop offers staff a more indepth look at the skills and activities that can promote creative writing.

Have Fun with Phonics!

This INSET offers some practical and fun phonic activities and ideas. The session will also include a phonics glossary and re-cap of specific terms. Delegates will also be able to try the Little Lamb Phonic teaching resource and be ‘pupils’ in a demo session.

Prices are correct as of 2015 and do not include travel expenses which are negotiated at point of booking.

Half Day workshop £350 including one complete set of the Little Lamb Phonics CD resource

(Please note, all workshops are largely practical and participation is encouraged. If you are outside the Merseyside Area, transport and accommodation (if applicable) costs will need to be added to the amount.)

“They were transfixed! Lovely to remember that stories can be ‘told’. Using the storybox and modelling enables the children to see how they might do it. So lovely to see Lamby and Miss Lennon again, she is an inspiration! Songs, story tin, story boxes, puppets – what more could you ask for?” - Reception Teacher St Mary‟s Catholic Primary, Chingford, World Book Day 2015

“All the children were totally engaged in the session. It gave me some ideas how to engage the children during story time. I enjoyed the use of props to tell the story” - Year 1Teacher, Much Woolton Catholic Primary, Liverpool 2-3-15

“It was creative, clear and fluid. There was a variety of personal stories that the children could relate to. It is useful to have a different perspective on WW1, more personal. A good range of human and animal stories. The choice of objects provided a sense of involvement and spontaneity” - Year 5 Teacher St. Benedict‟s Catholic Primary, Warrington 4-11-14


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Telephone: 07745 522 872
The area/s in which this provider is available are:North West, Yorkshire, Greater London, Wales

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