Lee Gibling Beatboxer and Vocal Percussionist

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If you want that something a bit different or unusual to perform at your event then having a beatboxer perform will certainly make it an extra memorable one.

Lee Gibling is one of the UK's most talented and versatile beatboxers ranging from solo performances in Schools, Events, Nightclubs, at weddings and on variety and Cabaret shows. Following his 10+ years of performing experience he is capable of performing to any crowd. You can also check out his Acapella group The Acafellas, the UK's newest and modern vocal band. He has also appeared on CBBC's The Slammer and following this worked on 'CBBC Live' performing with and teaching presenters from Blue Peter and other shows.

Lee also has many years experience in teaching beatboxing and vocal percussion techniques in many settings. These include schools, youth clubs, charities, activity clubs, and corporate team building days.

Beatboxing Workshops

Lee has many years experience in teaching all ages of all abilities. You don’t need any musical knowledge to be able to take part, just a willingness to participate. By taking part in something a bit different and unusual it’s easy to listen, stay focused throughout the sessions, and build self-confidence. These workshops have travelled through schools, youth clubs, cruise ships, corporate events, music festivals, promotional events, carnivals and theatres.

Each workshop session has an easy to follow step by step structure keeping everyone involved engaged and the activities involved are fun and enjoyable.

Beatboxing can be used in ways to help the development of new vocal skills and  techniques, working within groups and musical understanding. By structuring the workshops in a certain way it can help the understanding of:

  • Structures
  • Time Signatures
  • Tempo
  • Musical Notation
  • Singing and Vocal Techniques
  • Listening to Individual Instruments
  • Working in Groups or a Band
  • Using professional Sound Equipment

All WITHOUT being able to play any instruments beforehand or having any musical knowledge.

A typical lesson workshop includes a relevant warm up and ice-breaker games if necessary. A basic description of what beatboxing is, the history and background behind where it came from, and many of the techniques and tricks involved. Everyone is given the chance to have a go using the equipment and microphones provided and we even encourage a performance in front of the group at the end of the session. With many of the activities being practical and engaging everyone involved will enjoy being a part of it.

All that is required is a good space suitable for the amount of people attending.

Copies of CRB check and PL Insurance are available on request.

Acapella Workshop

As a member of the acapella group, ‘The Acafellas‘, Lee can offer a full acapella workshop. Learn to create the beatboxing sounds and techniques along with the basics in acapella such as harmonies, singing styles and instrument sounds you’ve heard from films like ‘Pitch Perfect’.

You will get Lee and another member of the group. With many years teaching experience between us and can come in to teach everything you need learn and perform an acapella piece. Our sessions can be done with single groups or multiple groups.

One part of the workshops is learning about vocal percussion and beatboxing for the specific piece. The other part is learning the close harmony parts using our easy-to-learn methods. If the group would also like to learn a specific song we can do that too, providing we’ve had a bit of notice and it’s suitable!

Skills and techniques in sessions may differ depending on the type and needs of the group, but generally this session covers:

  • Vocal singing skills in a group.
  • A deeper understanding of harmonies.
  • Performance experience.
  • An aim to increase self confidence.
  • To learn new and improve current skills.


“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your performances on the Off-Air Stage. You were a great addition to CBBC Live in Newcastle Gateshead. The audience, CBBC Staff and presenters were suitably impressed with your skills. Good luck with everything and if anything comes up I’ll pass on your details.” - Amy Williams, Senior Producer of BBC’s Blue Peter

“Lee’s an amazingly skilled beatboxer who has a fantastic energy and rapport with young people.  He has a lively and supportive way of delivering which allows him to engage young people in his workshops effectively so that everyone has a good time and leaves with a sense of achievement.  Lee has always gone above and beyond in his work for The Garage which is why we use him time and time again and would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone!” - Ruby O’Callaghan, Engagement Officer, The Garage

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