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At Kidz Fit we aim to educate Every Child about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, physical fitness and personal wellbeing. We achieve this through tried and tested sessions which are engaging, interactive, fun and memorable for all.

Kidz Fit sessions educate children about how to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, how the human body works, as well as the importance of giving one hundred percent and being the best we can be!


Our instructors present Kidz Fit sessions in schools all over the country. These workshops are both fun and educational, and are accessible to all ages and abilities. They have proved to be a fantastically effective way of getting our messages across. We aim to increase knowledge and awareness on the importance of healthy nutrition, physical exercise, effective hydration and the inner-workings of the human body - and our ultimate goal is to improve Every Child's self esteem, physical and mental wellbeing, confidence, and motivation, all combining For A Better Future.

All the Kidz Fit workshops adhere to the Whole School Impact initiative and address the core strands of the national curriculum for Physical Education; as well as the Personal, Social, Health, Economic (PSHE) and Every Child Matters (ECM) directives.

We will help you improve the quality of the provision of P.E in your school and educate on the importance of Health & Fitness which is exactly what the new Sports Premium has been introduced for by the government.



At Kidz Fit we know a Fit & Healthy lifestyle means a better, brighter and happier future and this begins at a young age. We believe that educating and advising youngsters at this early stage will set them up for life, allowing them to practice healthy routines which they will keep up into adulthood. During the Health & Fitness workshop children will take part in exercise to music, skipping, hula-hooping, jumping, catching, competitions, strength games, quizzes and lots more fun fit-challenges.

All these super- fun activities are alongside educational talks on the importance of a Healthy Lifestyle. Children will interact with the Kidz Fit instructor and discuss food pyramids, healthy diet plans, drinking water, 5 a day fruit and vegetables, exercising, the importance of sleep and personal hygiene; all of which are included in a fun quiz at the end of the session.




At Kidz Fit we understand that educating children and providing them with the practical basic knowledge on how their body works will allow them to take better care of themselves in the future. This workshop will educate children on the basics of anatomy, physiology and their cardiovascular system; showing them how they can easily improve and maintain their health and wellbeing. During the Body Science Workshop children will take part in exercise to music, skipping, hula-hooping, jumping, catching, strength games, casual competitions, quizzes and lots more fitness-orientated, fun challenges.

All these engaging and enjoyable activities will encourage the children to be aware of their increased heart and breathing rates after exercise and will also test their muscles, general fitness and focus their minds. Children will interact with the Kidz Fit instructor, learning about and discussing their heart, lungs, muscles and bones; covering the main aspects of how they work and the importance of keeping these parts of their bodies fit and healthy.

(Kids exercising to music, hula-hooping and having lots of fun)

Intra and Inter-School competition is a great way to get children motivated. It encourages them to give 100 percent when partaking in any activity, not only within their own year group, but also in school as a whole, helping them to excel and achieve the best they can.

In this workshop, children will partake in speed jumping, skipping and strength-based activities. Ten Young Leaders from years 5 or 6 will analyse and record every individual child's score in these pursuits. The results gained will allow comparisons between each year group and between other schools around the country; all through the Kidz Fit website on our Competition League Table.

This workshop aims to leave a sustainable fitness programme in place for your school by teaching the necessary skills to a team of Young Leaders from years 5 or 6. The Kidz Fit instructor will spend the day with ten Young Leaders and teach them to lead the fun Kidz Fit routines. These can subsequently be undertaken at any given time, be this in the morning, lunchtime, after school or during P.E. classes. We aim to inspire and build confidence within these Young Leaders, so they can benefit from the rewarding practice of passing on their knowledge through the fun and educational programmes they have learned.

(Another great session, and Carl infront of the wide range of visual posters he provides)

(Kids skipping, stretching and Carl gives a talk on healthy eating using the visual posters)

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