Jolly Good Workshops for Schools

Jolly Good Workshops For Schools are an established, reputable and reliable schools workshop provider.

We have been working in schools for over ten years. Our experience enables us to work effectively with children of different age groups, ethnicity, special needs and widely varying socioecenomic backgrounds.

Ron Wood delivers most of the workshops which you see described below. With a small team of dedicated, trustworthy, professional colleagues who assist him from time to time as required. They combine entertainment with learning to ensure that workshops are full of useful information but also great fun! Jolly Good Workshops For Schools facilitators are CRB checked. Certificates are available for viewing on arrival at the school if required. 

“What a lovely experience for the children (and staff)! They thoroughly enjoyed it and gained some skills and also we gained more ideas for outdoor play equipment. Very good value for money! Many thanks Chuckle! " Mary Kirkham, Head, Leavening Primary School

"What a fantastic fun filled day! We started with a loud and laughable pirate puppet show. The children loved the characters and all wanted to help find the treasure. We then had a lesson about how to use puppets and we all had a go at acting using puppets. The afternoon was spent making colourful puppets which the children, parents and staff really enjoyed. Thank you so much , the day fit in perfectly with our toys and seaside topics and the pupils learnt about the art of puppetry. Would highly recommend! Thank you." St Joseph's Primary School, Pontefract

Circus Skills Workshop for Schools

Learn how to juggle, spin a plate, throw and catch a diabolo and walk on stilts. Everything explained and demonstrated in easy to follow steps. All activities are totally safe. Suitable for all ages and abilities. Our circus workshops are very “hands on” with lots of equipment and fun things to try. Everyone will achieve success in something!

Clowns and Workshops

  • A workshop for younger children exploring the role of clowns in the circus
  • A workshop for older pupils exploring elements of clowning including improvisation, role play, comic timing, physical comedy and slapstick.

Dance Workshop for Schools

This workshop explores different forms of dance in a fun way. It includes American Line dance, Latin American and Ballroom. Emphasis is placed on learning steps individually and putting sequences together with music. The workshop is physically demanding and enjoyable.

Having Fun with Numbers Workshop for Schools

This workshop was previously called “Number Magic” as it is a maths workshop involving magic tricks which use simple mathematical calculations to achieve their magical effect. Various tricks are demonstrated and explained. All of the tricks require the use of mental maths or simple calculations to achieve the desired result which could be mind reading, a prediction or a lightning calculation etc. The children learn how to perform these amazing feats and in so doing are utilising and practicing number skills in a fun way.

Puppet Workshop for Schools

The puppet workshop looks at different types of puppets and how to bring puppets to life.  There is also a chance to look at several different types of puppet theatre and to make glove puppets (extra cost for materials).

Science Workshop for Schools - Carnivorous Plants

These rare and unusual plants grow in areas depleted of natural nutrients and so they have adapted to survive by catching insects to feed on. Many species are threatened with extinction due to habitat loss. Most of these plants are easy to grow and the school will receive a starter collection an information pack with ideas for follow up work.

Seaside Holidays Workshop for Schools

Seaside holidays in the past explores the development of the English seaside holiday tradition from earliest times through to its eventual decline with the arrival of cheap package holidays in the 1970’s. The presentation involves a slide show and talk together with looking at old postcards, railway posters, seaside souvenirs and books. Emphasis can be placed on the Victorian seaside holiday, seaside holidays, seaside then and now, seaside holiday entertainment or just the seaside. The workshop is presented in a fun and lively style with lots of discussion leading to the discovery of many interesting and lesser known facts about seaside holidays. As Punch and Judy became as much a part of the seaside holiday as donkey rides and ice cream, the culmination of this workshop is a fantastic live Punch and Judy Show performed just as it would have been in years gone by.


Pirates make an exciting topic for a school project. Our Pirate Workshop includes learning about pirates, a pirate puppet show and making pirate artefacts or puppets. There is plenty of material here to fire up the children’s imaginations and to provide the basis for follow up work in class.

Additional Information

The area/s in which this provider is available are:East, East Midlands, Greater London, Home Counties, Yorkshire, North of England, North West, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South West, Wales, West Midlands

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