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Funoon Art School specializes in Islamic art and crafts. They aim to motivate children in their sessions by captivating their imagination and capabilities by teaching new skills that enrich the curriculum. Many cross-curricular links can be explored including mathematics, history, geography and religion. They have a variety of Workshops to choose from and project work and preparation for events can also be addressed.


Whilst there is no restriction to the creative imagination, some examples of workshops will give an idea of the areas of work they cover.

Geometric Pattern Design – introduces students to the principles of geometry underlying Islamic Pattern and develops skills in the recreation of some of these designs using compass and ruler.

Tiles and Mosaics – Children create a large tiled design which is divided so that each child has a part of the whole to decorate with glass paints.

Embossed Tiles – This workshop involves using a variety of instruments to create a design on quick-drying clay to create tiles. These can later be painted.

Small Coloured Mosaic Tiles – Children design patterns using squared paper and traditional examples e.g. eight point stars. Finished patterns are transferred to a hard surface and the appropriate coloured tiles are applied.

Repeated Patterns – children observe repeat patterns in Global Islamic Art and experiment with stamping, cutting, sticking, stenciling, tiling, embossing, folding, with many textures and colours.

Calligraphy – Writing Arabic Letters using a reed pen and ink or brush and paint.

Calligraphy & Other Art Techniques – Calligraphy can made more interesting by using patterned backgrounds on handmade paper by stamping, air-brushing, painting or cutting shapes prior to writing. Creating such a work involves many skills and creativity.

Molding – Using a molding preparation a mould is created from Islamic artifacts. The mould can then be filled with plaster to make replicas of the original.

Religion – Religious topics such as prayer mat design may be of interest and descriptions from scriptures can provide inspiration for painting with acrylics and other media.

Occasions – Workshops around occasions including greeting cards & wrapping paper design for Islamic occasions and other events using Islamic Art styles and techniques. An Introduction to each of the work shops will explain and depict relevant geography and history using audio visual methods and by examining artifacts.


Key information

  • Workshop adaptable for all ages
  • Support for many curriculum subjects
  • Create lasting decorative artwork
  • Promoting cultural awareness
  • Bespoke workshop design
  • Consultation sessions available 

Additional Information

Address: Art Team, Funoon Art School, PO Box 15659, Birmingham B9 9GY
Telephone: 07828 966127
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The area/s in which this provider is available are:West Midlands

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