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With innovative, interactive programmes for schools, Mad Science deliver sessions that spark the interest of the learners, entertaining children aged 3 – 11 of the wonders of Science. Having already been established in more than 100 schools in Hertfordshire and Essex, the unique sessions offer unforgettable after-school clubs, workshops and customised Science Days designed to inspire and enthuse all involved.

“Static Shell and Mad Science left an impression on my Year 5 class and school that we won't soon forget! The children were able to reel off fact after fact once she had left us, but without a doubt the most pleasing moment as a teacher was to see how much fun it was possible for my class to have whilst also learning. Static Shell's science may well have been mad, but it was also fantastically enjoyable, and I confidently speak for all of my class when I say we would recommend this company to any school, any time, anywhere!” -  Mr Greg Harper, Deputy Head Teacher, Hartsbourne Primary School

With a core aim of ‘respecting and revitalising our scientific heritage for the next generation’, Mad Science provides hands-on demonstrations and insight in to Science affects the world around us. The ethos of capturing the imagination means that lessons are colourful, fun and full of wonder allowing the learners to explore the subject in a structured, safe and enjoyable way. The traditional perception of Science as “grey men in white coats,” gives way to a compelling new vision of excited, inquisitive children setting on a scientific adventure led by their very own “Mad Scientist”.

There are over 15 workshops specially designed for 3-5 year olds proving that you’re never too young to become a Scientist and discover the exciting world of weather, water, animals and space.

Assemblies and full Science Days

With a focus on high energy, Mad Science school assemblies and science shows are fast-paced presentations performed for large groups of children (50 – 300, sometimes more) that will often involve volunteers and live demonstrations. Whether mixing up slimy concoctions or launching model rockets, the shows promise to delight and excite. Workshops can also be arranged for each class, complementing the curriculum with practical demonstrations and hands-on activities that allow the entire school to take part.


After School Clubs

Mad Science after-school clubs run for one hour per week over a period of eight weeks. Led by skilled, experienced and entertaining instructors who are all CRB-checked and safeguarding trained. The sessions cover a range of fascinating science topics such as rocketry, magnets, polymers or even the science of toys! Sample workshops include:

Dry Ice: Explore the 3 states of matter by turning water to ice in 30 seconds, building a bubbling potion, and creating the smoke illusions used in the movies.

Space: The Final Frontier: The voyages of young inquiring minds on a quest to discover Space! Their mission: to take an exciting look at planets, moons, comets, and the stars.

Magnetic Magic: Investigating the powers and daily uses of magnets. Test for electro magnetic fields and then use their knowledge to build their own electro magnet.

Key information

  • All presenters are enhanced CRB checked
  • Full public liability insurance
  • Pre-school, Foundation, KS1&2


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Telephone: 01992 878068
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