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Imagination is the greatest tool a child possesses. Here at Imagining History we have crafted a series of school workshops that allow children to unlock their imagination and experience history in a brand new way.

History is all around us. Each of our fully interactive half-day sessions uses this concept to immerse the children within the historical period, utilising drama and performance techniques to bring the people, places and events of the past to life for your students.

Our KS2 workshops are led by two practitioners who will weave a tapestry of time for the children to explore and bring your topic to life with the all-important Wow factor.

Based in Lancaster, the Imagining History team of practitioners have over 10 years of experience working within the education sector and delivering outstanding workshops to primary schools all over the country.


Each of our workshops runs for two hours over a morning or afternoon session. We are completely flexible in our approach and we fit our workshops around your scheduling needs. Each workshop can cater for up to seventy participants.

We offer five different fantastic workshop themes to bring history to life in your school:

A handy guide to survive the Stone Age

Have your students got what it takes to survive the Stone Age? Find out with this handy guide. Your students will:

  • Discover how to stay alive in the harsh climate of the Stone Age
  • Learn how to use unusual Stone Age tools to find and save their friends
  • Be trained as both hunters and gatherers
  • Learn which berries to pick so they don't poison their tribe
  • Use their team work skills to outsmart a Terror Bird

Conquering Ancient Egypt

With over 3000 years of history it’s often difficult to know where to begin with Ancient Egypt. But don’t worry; we’ll take your students through all the important bits:

  • Travel through the timeline of Ancient Egypt, visiting all the important figures
  • Join Pharaoh Khufu as he struggles to construct the Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Help Howard Carter solve the mystery of the death of Tutankhamen
  • Help Cleopatra to defend her country from the might of the Roman Army

A Journey Through Norse Mythology

Take your students on a fun and informative journey through the Nine Worlds in this unique introduction to the ancient myths and legends of the Norse. Your students will:

  • Take on the roles of the Norse Gods themselves to explore the ancient Norse tales of heroism, betrayal, battle and laughter
  • Forge weapons with the dwarves in Svartalfheim
  • Join Odin and the elves on his wild hunt
  • Find out why Thor wore that fetching wedding dress
  • Transform your school hall or classroom into Valhalla

The Gods and Monsters of Ancient Greece

Your students will learn all about the Myths & Legends of Ancient Greece by walking in the shoes of the great Greek heroes themselves. They will:

  • Identify the pantheon of Greek gods and learn about their devious ways
  • Learn how to interrogate the Graeae
  • Overcome the Gorgon sisters without being turned to stone
  • Use problem solving skills to defeat the Lernean Hydra
  • Befriend a demi-god to outwit a Titan



'Absolutely amazing! Children (and adults!) were really hooked from start to end! If we could have rated you higher than 5 out of 5 we would have done! Thank you very much!!'
- Worsbrough Community Primary - Feb 2018.

‘Professional, prompt, organised, reliable and flexible. Great service from first booking to the actual day! Thanks!’
- Baines Endowed

‘Fantastic rapport built with pupils from the start. Excellent historical knowledge delivered in a fun way for pupils.’
- Fairburn View Primary School

Key Information

  • Linked with current curriculum
  • Max. 70 participants
  • 2 hour workshop running time
  • DBS checks for all practitioners
  • Risk assessments provided
  • Designed for KS2
  • Covering 12,000 years of human history
  • Competitive pricing starting from £120


Additional Information

Address: Castle Court, Lancaster
The area/s in which this provider is available are:North of England, East Midlands, Yorkshire, North West, West Midlands

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