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The Time Traveller offers high quality School History Workshops at an affordable price. CRB CHECKED, and with over 17 years experience between us offering workshops and tours to school groups of all ages, we are sure we will have something to interest you.

Workshops cover key National Curriculum subjects and historical periods, and most include object handling. Workshops can also be adapted to suit your individual needs.


Object Handling, Involvement, Interaction

A major component of our Workshops is the opportunity to be directly involved in the subject and to handle genuine Historical Artefacts. The interaction between us and the students, working together is also a major part of the experience.


This Workshop looks at  life in Britain from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age, and with the help of mainly original artefacts we take a journey spanning almost a quarter of a million years looking at how people evolved and what effect technological and spiritual advances had on their everyday lives. We look at the changes in the climate caused by the Ice ages, and how they adapted to the environmental changes they encountered. This workshop provides ample opportunity for Object Handling, using ORIGINAL Stone Age, Iron Age and Roman Artefacts, plus participation and role play.


Our Iron Age Workshop is based on life in Britain at the time of the late Iron Age, and compares it to the earlier Stone Age and Bronze age, as well as the Roman Influence. We also look at the validity of the ' Pigeon Hole ' system of naming ' Ages ', and how this can lead to a lot of misconceptions about the Ancient World. We will look at daily life, and how people learned about their ancestors - ( no written History then ! ), and also about Britain's place in the Ancient World at the time. This workshop provides ample opportunity for Object Handling, using ORIGINAL Stone Age, Iron Age and Roman Artefacts, plus participation.

NEW! One Small Step - The Story of the Space Race

On July 20th, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first Human to set foot on the Moon. It was the culmination of a Race between the United States and the Soviet Union during the most intense time of the Cold War.  We'll follow his story, and that of the other Astronauts who travelled beyond our world during the greatest period of Space Travel so far...

The Life of Publius Critonius Pollio

Learn about the daily life of a Romano-British boy and his family. Find out about his schooling, his free time and the town where he lived. Handle genuine Roman artefacts! Object and artefact handling, role play and story tellling. KS1 & KS2 History, Literacy, Drama, Art.

Christopher Columbus, the Tudors and the New World.

Find out about the amazing discoveries in Tudor times, and how ' exotica ' brought back from distant lands were perceived by the general population!  Join an Elizabethan Housekeeper as she attempts to prepare and serve a meal using  strange, New World Ingredients , and see how her efforts are received by the Master of the House !
KS1 and 2 HISTORY.

Rich and Poor in Days of Yore

Help tell the story of Wat the villein's son and Lady Cecily de Fortmayne when the fair comes to the village. What was life like for the rich and poor in medieval times? Dressing up, object handling and role play. KS1 & 2 History, Drama and Literacy.

Not Only the Boys – WWI Workshop.

Many young women volunteered to serve in France. Listen to Sister Carter as she tells the story of Rosemary Jones, a volunteer nurse who left Folkestone in 1915 to serve at a military hospital near Boulogne. See if you're fit for duty, and learn how to apply field dressings !  Object Handling, Participation. KS 1, 2 and 3.

Spy School - World War 1

The year is 1914.  MI5 has set up a training School for Agents in Folkestone, Kent to teach them the skills needed to survive behind enemy lines. Among these skills is the ability to get the information you've collected back to HQ or to your trusted contacts.  Join ' B ' in learning  the art of sending covert messages and how to recognise enemy codes. Can be tailored to all year groups.

Take the King's Shilling!

Meet Gunner Sergeant John Cullen and take the King's Shilling. Learn about life as a soldier during the Napoleonic War in the wake of the French Revolution, how they were recruited, trained and fought, and the impact of the Wars in Europe. Learn about the ' Fog of War ' , and other terms from the time which have stayed with us. We can even give musketry demonstrations with the real thing ! Suitable for all Ages.  FRENCH REVOLUITION AND LOCAL HISTORY.

Code Breakers of World War II

Lieutenant-Colonel Smythe and Leading WRN Sharpley will put you through your paces to see if you have what it takes to be a code breaker during World War II. Learn the history of code making and breaking and try out some codes and other forms of communication for yourself. KS2 & 3 History and Maths .

The First Casualty of War is Truth

PROPAGANDA in WW2. A unique workshop which looks at how the general public were ' informed ' about the War, comparing the British and German slants on the same subjects. Students will also get the chance to see and handle original media equipment, including Still and Cine Cameras of the period and see original publications. Steve is recognised as an authority on the subject and highly regarded in the WW2 Re-enactment Community for his Authenticity and realism. A fascinating workshop for KS2 and KS3 and GCSE History + Art and Media related topics.

World War 2 Evacuees and the Media

What was it like being an Evacuee during the Second World War, and how would you have got the news about how the War was going ? Experience the Air Raid Drill and see newsreels. Compare these with what children  in Germany were seeing and actually handle and use original WW2 objects !  Listen to the hits of the day on a real Gramophone! Can be tailored for most Year Groups. Object handling and participation. 


" The time traveller took us on a fantastic journey to Ancient Rome. The children loved learning about life as a Roman child and handling the artefacts. Thank you for a great day! "
Gemma Murray-Smith & Y3 Ecclesfield Primary School, Sheffield

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