The History Man
The History Man can bring over 4,000 years of world History to your school or museum, from Ancient Egypt to 1960's America.  He has a wealth of handling items, and costume for dressing up! Our clients are spread far and wide, from London to Leeds and Lancashire. He is not afraid to travel, whether the booking is for one school day or a museum education week! The History Man's presentations fit in with the National Curriculum.
Enliven your classroom lessons and bring creativity to your curriculum with a visit to your school from The History Man. With historical presentations that can be tailored to fit in with your plans and the use of museum quality artefacts, role play and storytelling, The History Man offers an interactive learning experience that brings the past to life.

Tell me and I forget, Show me and I remember, Involve me and I understand. Chinese Proverb

The History Man is available to engage children in all areas of the past from the Ancient Greeks to World War 2. He adopts the role of a representative from the chosen period and offers presentations to a single group, for the whole day, or shorter programs can be given to several groups during the course of the day.

Teaching at your own school means money is saved on admission and coach costs and there is no wasted travelling time (or running the gauntlet of the ‘shop’), allowing more time for interactive learning in a safe environment.

The Historyman takes your class/year group in the hall for the whole day. He brings museum quality artefacts and costumes, and uses drama and roleplay to fully engage the children in their learning. Topics include:

Ancient Greeks: learn about citizens and slaves; the lives of men, women and children; compare Athens to Sparta; classical education, warfare, democracy and the Olympics.

Romans: Join the Legions and learn about Roman discipline; follow drill instructions in Latin; make the battle formations using sword and shield; visit the chariot races and gladiatorial arenas; learn about the Boudica and her revolt.

Saxon/Viking/Norman: Learn about life in these troubled times using museum quality artefacts, arms and armour. Could you survive ‘The Dark Ages?’

Medieval: Train to be a squire; learn about 1000 years of armour; try your hand at jousting; build and besiege a castle.

Tudor: How well would you get on in a Tudor palace? Meet the characters from the time and try your hand at their jobs. Learn about the Reformation, the monarchs and the lives of ordinary people.

Victorian: The Victorian world and its attitudes taught though an authentic Vicorian school day.

World War II: Could you survive the fashions? The Blitz? The Rationing? Being evacuated? Training with the Home Guard? Spying in occupied territory?

Key information

  • Enhanced CRB clearance
  • Full risk assessment
  • Supports National Curriculum
  • Authentic uniform and artefacts
  • Whole day programs
  • Adaptable to match your planning

Additional Information

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