Lincolnsfields Children's Centre

The Lincolnsfields Children's Centre is a registered children's charity providing opportunities for children of all abilities. They provide catered and self-catering residential accommodation to enable school groups and organised educational visits covering the History curriculum and centring on Children at War - The Evacuee's Experience, the Home Front, and Women in War.

“I really enjoyed the experience and it was like going back in time.” Anna-Maria, Age 9, St Mary's School

“Thought it was awesome to hear what an air raid siren actually sounded like!” Bradley, Age 11, Robertswood School

“I had the most fantastic time ever!” Lucy, Chilton Primary School


The Centre is located at Bushey Hall heritage site and utilises its twelve original WW2 buildings to stage historical events within the grounds. A WW2 school visit takes your group to live in 1939 England, providing a safe, exciting, fun, experience, enabling pupils to live an Evacuee's life. This 3 day residential visit is totally unique and includes simple pre-visit classroom activities with children making I.D. labels and Gas Mask boxes.

After being evacuated from school and arriving by your transport at the centre, pupils enjoy a hands–on learning experience where they can learn about using ration cards, predecimal coinage and weights. They visit a ‘bombed out’ London street; tour the unique reconstructed 1940's house; handle and use artefacts and clothing from the war; take part in drill sessions; respond to an air raid alert and much more.

On day 2 all meals are based on authentic WW2 food, with a menu consisting of war ration recipes. During the day pupils will follow a typical evacuees day, helping as Land Army volunteers on the farm and in the ‘Dig for Victory’  garden; helping with cooking the meals, trying out some make do – and mend activities and helping with wash day in the 1940's kitchen.

In the evening they enjoy playing traditional board and table games with the wireless as background entertainment and take part in a traditional Beetle Drive or Housey Housey session. The rationing ends that night with a visit from some American G.I. re-enactors giving out sweets and gum. On their final day there is a V.E. day Victory Lunch before they leave to return to modern day England.

This unique residential experience brings the period vividly to life and throughout the programme, comparisons are drawn between modern day and WW2 experiences, linking recycling with ‘Make do and Mend’ and conservation with rationing and ‘Dig for Victory’. Non residential day visits, are available which also enhance pupils understanding of this unique period in a way that films, class work or coursework can’t.


Key information

  • WW2 Heritage Site
  • 30 years experience
  • Unique experiential learning
  • Residential visits or day trips
  • Self catering or catered
  • All Staff CRB Checked
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • SEN programmes available
  • Prices from £7.50 

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