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Wirral Museums Service is part of the Cultural Services Division of Wirral’s Regeneration Department. Cultural Services is undergoing a period of reorganisation in 2009 so their offering may alter during the year. School groups are welcomed and encouraged and the Education Officer will coordinate your trips. Help may be available for your transport.


“It has been so helpful to watch and create art with the children rather than try to organise it and assess at the same time. The direct link with the exhibition made it a memorable and rewarding experience for all.” Helga Jones, Christchurch CE Primary


Birkenhead Priory – The Benedictine Monks first came to Wirral in about 1150 and the site includes the oldest standing building on Merseyside which still in use today as a chapel. The monks offered hospitality to travellers and established the first Mersey Ferry service to Liverpool. The site now includes museum displays and an education/performance/meeting space. An education pack on the Priory provides a full history and suggested work to do around the site, which remains an oasis of calm in an industrial setting, overshadowed as it is by the cranes of Cammell Laird.

St Mary’s Tower is on the same site and is the remains of Birkenhead’s first parish church: climb the 101 steps for the best views of the River Mersey and Liverpool – on a clear day you can even see the Runcorn Bridge! Telephone: 0151 666 1249

Email: birkenheadpriory@wirral.gov.uk   Open: every day except Monday & Tuesday

Williamson Art Gallery & Museum has remained a centre of artistic life in Birkenhead since it opened its doors over 80 years ago. The gallery does not have a formal education programme at present but will respond to any requests they receive from schools. Sessions have included: Old Masters/Young Poets – creative writing based on stories seen in paintings; An introduction to looking – an easy start to telling stories found in paintings. Teachers are welcome to lead sessions around the gallery and drawing is actively encouraged. There are also some education sessions built into our lively temporary exhibition schedule. Telephone: 0151 652 4177

Email: williamsonartgallery@wirral.gov.uk   Open: every day except Monday

Wirral Transport Museum & Birkenhead Tramway provides a fascinating glimpse at the types of public transport available over a century and more ago. Catch a tram from Woodside, take your pupils back in time and enter another world. The museum is an active repair workshop as well as a display area; facilities are very limited.

Telephone: 0151 647 2128   Open: by appointment every day except Monday & Tuesday.


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  • All Keystages
  • Full Public Liability Insurance
  • Basic Risk Assessments provided
  • Up to one or two classes depending on activity

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The area/s in which this provider is available are:North West

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