Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre

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Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre and Country Park commemorates one of the three most important battles fought on British soil. The Battle of Bosworth is infamous as the place where King Richard III lost his life and crown to Henry Tudor. The Centre has a well developed education programme with exhibitions, workshops and activities used to support a number of national curriculum key stages and subjects.

“An excellent day, the children didn’t want to come home. All activities were well prepared and appropriate. Thank you very much.”

“We will definitely be returning again next year and the year after and the year after – an excellent day out enjoyed by the staff, boys and parents.”

Exhibition – Re-live the deadly battle of 1485 in the award winning interactive exhibition. Learn about the lives of those involved as they move from the end of the medieval period, through the Battle of Bosworth and on to the Tudor Dynasty. Dress up as a Knight, create your own heraldry, try your hand at firing a longbow and test your skills as a battlefield archaeologist with the chance to see real artefacts from the battle.

Guided walk of the Battlefield Trail – One of Bosworth’s knowledgeable and experienced Guides will be able to bring the events of the Battle of Bosworth to life. The walk lasts approximately 1½ hours. Suitable for all ages.

Historic Re-enactments – Les Routiers de Rouen – Join Captain Mortimer in his camp with a display of armour, weapons and combat techniques. Students will become new recruits and take part in a pole arm drill. Suitable for all ages.

Mick the Fletcher – Join Mick the Fletcher as he explains the different types of bows and arrows, how they were made and how they were used to kill a Knight. Pupils will find out why Mick is dressed as he is and about the life of an apprentice Fletcher.

History detectives – Key Stage 2 – An opportunity to handle real historical objects from prehistory through to the 1980’s to look at what objects can tell us about the past.

Heraldry – Key Stage 2 – Students learn about the history and meanings of heraldry and take part in a heraldry game putting what they have learned into practice to find the traitor.

The Romans are coming! – Key Stage 2 – The glory of the Roman Empire is recreated in a full day of activities that bring history to life. Pupils meet a Roman Centurion and discover what life was like in the Roman Army, handle real Roman objects and help the domestic slave look after the family.

Environmental Activities – Key Stage 2 and Lower Key Stage 3 – The Bosworth Rangers are able to offer a variety of environmental activities including Guided walks, Bug hunting, Creative crafts and Pond dipping.

Falconry – Falconry is an exciting way to capture pupils’ imagination and will encourage group activity and develop communication skills. With its strong visual imagery and historic & scientific associations, falconry can be used to teach many subjects. Suitable for all ages.


Key information

  • Free teacher pre-visits and information packs
  • Worksheets to complement visits
  • Free risk assessments
  • Undercover lunch provision
  • Bespoke itinerary for each school
  • Supporting the National Curriculum
  • Resource Box Loans
  • Free coach parking 

Additional Information

Address: Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre, Sutton Cheney, Nr. Market Bosworth, Nuneaton CV13 0AD
Telephone: 01455 290429
The area/s in which this provider is available are:West Midlands

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