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Early music and dance ensemble Chalemina gives hands on workshops and shows to children aged 2 to 11 years with lots of instruments and children’s participation. Their workshops Henry 8th – Britain’s Most Musical Monarch, The Musical Adventures of Sir Francis Drake and Music and the Industrial Revolution last approximately one hour.

“You brought so many fantastic instruments – they loved it!” Head of Music, Chandlings Prep School

“The children were absolutely spellbound, a wonderful show.” Barnes Music Society Pat Smith


Tudor Workshop

Performed in costume, with instruments, songs and dances from HenryVIII’s court. Chalemina set this workshop in a historical context and children learn how the Tudors lived, what they ate, their manners, their clothing, how they kept clean and entertained. Chalemina play many Tudor instruments including harp, lute, crumhorn, hurdy-gurdy and viol. They also dance to the pipe & tabor, compare it to other wind instruments, analyse the mechanism of the hurdy-gurdy, the shawm and other wind instruments.

Discoveries Workshop - The Musical Adventures of Sir

Francis Drake – Children aged 7-11 sail with Drake in a musical recreation of his famous Circumnavigation of the World. Chalemina introduce the musicians Drake took on board his cramped ship, together with a huge array of unusual instruments they took and discovered on their travels – dulcimer, crumhorns, pipe and tabor, panpipes, mbira, ud and qanun. Join in singing, dancing and playing with the Tudors and the peoples they met in Africa and South America!

Victorian Workshop - Wheels of Wealth and Poverty – The Industrial Revolution brought cotton mills to Lancashire, and wealth to the country. What did Victorian people to do entertain themselves at home and abroad? How did Victoria’s merchant sailors keep fit and how did they keep themselves amused during their long voyages? Ships and factories were driven by coal; but why did miners form brass bands? With children’s participation in dancing and singing, Chalemina illustrate and answer these questions. Historical anecdotes are woven together with song and dance to produce an entertaining and educative mix. Performed in costume by Chalemina, children are encouraged to dress up for this workshop.

Chalemina perform costumed shows with simple sets and early instruments, for children aged 2-10. Their shows have lots of audience participation. Chalemina work as a duo in workshops and shows and are very happy to discuss which show or length of workshop is most suitable for your school’s event.


Key information

  • Professional Early Music & Dance Ensemble
  • Costumed Historical workshops with lots of children’s participation
  • Tudor, Discoveries & Victorian workshops
  • Costumed children’s theatre, dancing and singing
  • Many authentic early instruments played, explained, hands on

Additional Information

Telephone: 020 7700 4293
The area/s in which this provider is available are:West Midlands

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