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HG Education uses LEGO related products to teach children 5 key subjects which are used everyday in the classroom. Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and English Literacy. Whilst Engineering is not a subject generally taught LEGO building brings out some basic engineering principles.

At HG Education we believe that children who play with LEGO are being creative and using their imaginations. We have found that children tell the funniest and weirdest stories when they have built some of their models.

All our products that we use are educational and can not be bought from normal stockists.

HG Education & Robotics Limited goal’s are simple:-

- To provide as many After School Clubs and After School Activities within the next 12 months throughout Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, North West London and South Bedfordshire.

- To create LEGO Robotic workshops for children during school holidays

- To provide exciting birthday parties for children aged 4 – 16

- To work with local charities which support children with learning difficulties

LEGO KS1 Workshops

LEGO MINDSTORMS Education in the National Curriculum

Flexibility and built in progression enables access to learners of all ages and apply skills from across the curriculum.

With curriculum-relevant teaching activities, Mindstorms Education is designed for an educational setting and is great for whole class teaching with the interactive whiteboard, group work and personalised learning. KS1 activities that can be used with specific age groups as per LME (LEGO Mindstorm Education)

Year 1 – Understanding instructions – NXT ‘Try Me’ programs show cause and effect

Year 2 – Controlling a floor turtle (bit like bebot) – NXT on-screen programming (2Simple NXT Software can be used instead to demonstrate and teach LOGO and other ideas.

At HG Education we have successfully taught in 45 minute – 60 minute sessions to KS1 a quick insight into sensors and motors and how it all works.

At the end of the session we get the children to sit in a circle and control our special robots that will respond to various commands. It is great to see the children embracing this technology. Our LEGO KS1 Workshops are starting to become very popular and we also offer handout’s to the teachers and children so they have something to remind themselves of what they learnt.

LEGO KS2 Workshops

KS2 – We move up a gear and allow the children to program the robots themselves. We use a program called NXT-G which is a simple programming language. The nice thing about the software is it can be used to create very complex programs.

Year 3 – Exploring simulations – Robot Educator contains simulations to recreate using NXT. We also allow the children to program the robots to solve simple mazes as part of our workshops.

Year 4 –  Friction – control buggies on different surfaces and with different wheels. How does each of wheels compare to another set. Keeping Warm – Using the LEGO temperature probe to collect data. Alarms – create and control alarm systems. Lighting it up – controllable lamp displays

Year 5 – Should the high street be closed to traffic – Use NXT to monitor noise levels through the sound sensor. Investigating Rivers – Use LEGO temperatre probe to collect data. Moving Toys – Create a moving toy with NXT. Analysing Data. Controlling devices – drive round a course or control traffic lights. What we all take for granted getting into our cars and driving to the shops and then to school. We design a simple obstacle course that the children have to program their robots to get to.

Year 6 – Dance routine for Robot Dance competition – Link to puppets. Forces in Action. Textiles – make costumes for NXT Robots. Fairgrounds – make rides with NXT systems (Great fun). Controllable Vehicles, Control and monitoring – What happens when?

LEGO KS2 Workshops are great fun as there is so much flexibility and the children can achieve so much in such a short space of time. Some of our best LEGO KS2 Workshops have been where children come up with different solutions to ours.

LEGO KS3 Workshops

Year 7 – Control – use NXT to create and control a car park barrier. Measuring physcial data using Mindstorm Sensors. Control a display                             

Year 8 – Using control for security, Heating and cooling use LEGO temperature probe to determine different temperatures from different devices

Year 9 – Using control for electronic monitoring, Control systems – create and control a water ride using NXT.

After School Clubs

HG Education provide After School Clubs to schools in the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and North West London.

Typical After School Clubs run Monday through Friday straight after school finishes. They typically last between 60 and 90 minutes and are aimed at KS1 (Years 1 and 2), KS2 (Years 3 to 6) and KS3 (Years 7 to 9).

A typical After School Clubs agenda might look like this:-

Week 1 – Build Basic Robot (Brand New Design – takes 5 minutes to build) get it to move forwards and backwards and look at turns

Week 2 – Get the robot to use a touch sensor and examine what happens when the robot touches something or bumps into something.

Week 3 – Look at sound sensors. Children learn about decibels and how it relates to sound

Week 4 – Look at Light Sensors – Part 1

Week 5 – Look at Ultra Sonic Sensors

Week 6 – Putting it all together

Week 7 – Light Sensors Part 2

Week 8 – Project – Build Robots and Program them to solve the various puzzles

Week 9 – Project Week 2

Week 10 – Project Week 3

Week 11 – Project Week 4

Week 12 – End of most After School Clubs.

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Telephone: 0800 4118 999
The area/s in which this provider is available are:Greater London, Home Counties

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