The Williamson Tunnels

The Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre provides a unique insight into the fascinating underground world created by Joseph Williamson in the early 19th Century. Take a guided tour through a section of the network of tunnels and view exhibitions which depict the life and times of one of Liverpool's most eccentric characters.


"Vaulted passageways cut out of solid rock: archways thrown up by craftsman's hands, beautiful in proportion, elegant in form, but supporting nothing. Tunnels formed here - deep pits there." James Stonehouse, Historian


KS2/3 Pieces from the Past

Become an archaeologist and investigate the past by analysing artefacts from the 19th Century, found in the tunnel excavations. This workshop develops powers of observation and can be used to support the history syllabus. Supporting material, worksheets and equipment provided.

KS3 Tunnel Vision Tour

Explore the tunnels with a guide and look for clues to how the tunnels were built. Discover what can be learned about the workers' lives from the features inside. The tour encourages pupils to use their powers of observation and deduction and to consider why the tunnels were built. This session can be used to support cross-curricular study in history, science and geography.

KS3/4 Leisure and Tourism (GCSE) and (‘A’ Level)

The Tunnels are an ideal case study for the Leisure and Tourism syllabus and can be usefully compared with larger scale and higher budget attractions. Pupils can analyse the public tour as experienced by visitors to the Heritage Centre. This also includes a general background to Williamson, his story and details the centre's future plans. This is followed by a question and answer session with either the Centre Manager or Finance Officer. There is an accompanying resource pack showing the staffing and volunteer structure, funding sources, marketing, visitor numbers, facilities and evaluation procedures.

The A Level tour also covers: 1. The impact of Regulatory bodies on the facility. 2. Analysis of the scale and growth of the site.

Any school, booking a tour of the tunnels can arrange for a Blue Badge Guide join their coach to provide commentary on a tour of Victorian Liverpool. Tours can be for one or two hours, at a cost of £32 or £47 respectively. Educational tours of Williamson Tunnels are proving extremely popular with schools from Liverpool and further afield.

Tours and workshops last approximately 40 minutes and are available for groups of 15 at costs ranging from £1.50 - £3.50 per pupil with accompanying teacher free.


Key Information

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Key Stage 2 to A Level
  • Guided Tours Available 

Additional Information

The area/s in which this provider is available are:North West

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