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We are a Community Interest Company based in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire that exists with the aim to provide health and wellbeing services to all aspects of the community. Hosting a multidisciplinary team from public health nutritionists, yoga instructors, counsellors, oral health practitioners and more. Each member of the team has a real passion for health promotion.


We deliver a wide range of health and wellbeing workshops to schools, primary and secondary. Workshops include:

Healthy Cookery

Here are Healthbox CIC, cooking healthy food is at the heart of what we do. With a 5* Food Hygiene rating we deliver various cookery sessions to schools!

  • Parent and Child Cookery
  • Don’t Skip Breakfast
  • Packed Lunch Pals


Oral Health

Healthbox CIC offers a comprehensive range of oral health programmes that are all interactive and designed to appeal to the specific target group through fun and informative sessions.

These sessions are designed to motivate children to carry out effective oral hygiene practices. The sessions are interactive and informative, covering the importance of tooth brushing, dietary sugars and more.


Healthbox CIC now offers handwashing workshops directly linking to National Curriculum Science (Life processes and living things: micro-organisms) and PSHE (Developing a healthy, safer lifestyle).


Puberty and Growing Up

SRE and puberty workshops can be delivered as separate gender groups or as combined sessions. The workshops are delivered in a relaxed and very informal manner while at the same time allowing the children to recognise what changes will happen and why.

They also highlight that emotional changes occur as well as physical changes during puberty. Sessions also include the importance of personal hygiene.

Parents can be included within the separate boys and girls sessions, allowing them to share in this  opportunity.


This interactive workshop aims to provide an understanding as to what constitutes as bullying. It includes all aspects of bullying e.g. cyberbullying as well as tips on staying safe online. Parent sessions available upon request.

Healthbox CIC provide anti-bullying workshops aimed at key stage 2 pupils. All workshops are designed to raise awareness of bullying, assess and develop the children’s emotional intelligence around the reasons for and consequences of bullying, and create school anti-bullying policies designed by the children for the children. There are 3 fundamental sessions that we deliver although bespoke sessions are available if required:

  • Introduction to anti-bullying
  • Cyber bullying
  • Transition to secondary school

Emotional Awareness

In 2016 it was found by The Department of Education that 10% of 5-16 year old pupils experienced a mental health issue. It’s very important for children to understand their own and others emotions.

This one hour interactive workshop enables children to gain an awareness of their emotions, reflect on emotions, how they have coped with them in the past and how they could manage differently in the future.

Through the use of games, art and reflection, children will be given the opportunity to express themselves and feel confident in sharing their thoughts and feeling with peers.

In addition, we can tailor the workshop to the specific needs of your class such as adding elements of friendships,decision making, positivity and assertiveness v aggressiveness.

Alcohol and Drug Awareness

An introduction to staying safe around drugs and medicines at home and surrounding environments.

Aimed to be delivered at an age appropriate manner with an emphasis on making healthy and safe choices. It relays the message of all medicines are drugs but not all drugs are medicines.

During these sessions we explore different types of substances that can be found around the home which can have harmful circumstances as well as making pupils aware of the effects of Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol on our bodies. These sessions can be adapted to be bespoke for the needs of the specific group in order to achieve the desired outcomes of the school.

Healthy Lifestyle

Encouraging children to be active and eat well as part of their daily lifestyle is a key component in setting good habits for later life. Healthbox CIC delivers fun and interactive healthy lifestyles sessions suitable for both key stages 1 and 2 supporting PSHE delivery. Schools have used their schools sports fund for additional Health & Wellbeing programmes as our sessions will contribute to improving physiological factors of pupils lives.

The workshop allows students to learn about the effects different foods have on our bodies, the importance of a balanced diet, understanding the role sugar can play in terms of our oral health and general health. The session is completely interactive and allows groups to work in teams to take part in quizzes but also work independently. All of our programmes are bespoke, therefore designed with consideration to the needs of each specific group.


“Healthbox have really helped us to raise enthusiasm for healthy lifestyle habits amongst our children and families as well as staff. Their energy and fun approach to being active and keeping healthy has inspired us all! Thank you Healthbox!”
Nikki Kirkman, Headteacher - St Theresa’s Catholic Primary School

“The workshop was very informative. The children enjoyed the hands on experience of learning about hand washing. The song was a great way to reinforce the importance of good hand washing.  I would recommend this workshop to all primary children”
Headteacher, Wolverham Primary & Nursery School



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