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With a focus on saving teachers’ time and enhancing and supporting the work schools and Early Years Settings do, Health Matters Education have developed their ‘Busy Feet’ (Preschool) and ‘Health Matters’ (Health Workshop for Primary schools) resources to help Early Years professionals and school staff promote happy, healthy and active lifestyles amongst children.

First and foremost these Focus Days are fun, educational and inclusive. This exciting initiative from ‘Health Matters Education’ has been so well received by hundreds of schools across the UK that demand has now led them to recruit even more tutors, all of whom demonstrate a real passion for children’s health and well being. 


"Captain Carrot...Field Agent" tells the story of a reluctant superhero and his band of friendly vegetables, as they battle the evil Burger’s plans for world domination with his army of noxious nuggets. The show tours with a full set, lighting rig, digital sound system, bespoke puppets and props along with breathtaking magical illusions. It is an hilarious and engaging piece of edutainment that makes vegetables fun, colourful and exciting and engages with children through a mix of theatre, games, puppetry, music and drama to:

• Talk about what they like and dislike.
• Identify how food can be approached differently and diets can be improved.
• Attain knowledge of the characteristics of fruit, vegetables and junk food.
• Gain an understanding of where food comes from, and how it is grown.


Classroom Medics workshops are delivered at your school and have been designed to engage pupils in the curriculum and enable them to make more informed decisions about their health, career aspirations and life choices. Their workshops cover science, health and sports aspects of the curriculum and present them in a fun and engaging manner as well as providing an insight into career opportunities. 

Health Workshops & Fitness MOT is a great way for your pupils to explore how their body can be affected with poor lifestyle choices. The most popular activity is the ageing photography, where pupils can see what they will look like at the age of 72 with the effects of smoking, UV sunlight and obesity added in.


Active Choices offer a comprehensive range of health and fitness programmes to satisfy all primary school curriculum requirements including:

Healthy Living Days - all new healthy living days are to provide 2 to 3 coaches for the day to run educational activities covering healthy lifestyles in a fun and exciting way. The coaches are available all day with classes being taken to the coaches for activities. 

After School Clubs - Active Choices provide a huge range of after school provision from specific clubs such as football, tag rugby, cricket, cheerleading and Spanish etc to more general ones such as multi skills and media.


The Freddy Fit team are extremely proud of the positive impact the project has had on thousands of pupils up and down the country over the past ten years. Through a tough recruitment process and intensive training we ensure that every Freddy Fit presenter is highly trained, well motivated, punctual and, most importantly, child friendly.

Each presenter is totally committed to delivering our fantastic workshops in a professional and inspirational manner. We are determined, through our belief in the scheme of work, to improve the lifestyles of as many pupils as possible. Be it in fitness, strength, coordination, self-esteem, assertiveness or team leadership, if pupils improve by any margin, then we feel our efforts have been well rewarded.

 Many schools use our unique workshops during their Health weeks. Freddy Fit will have a whole school impact mixing physical activity with quick fire health tips.


Kiddy Cook’s Food In Schools Project is a hands-on unit of study that uses the theme of healthy eating to enrich the curriculum and develop thinking in a range of subjects. They run cookery workshops for children aged 2 – 11 years to encourage them to learn about ‘good’ food and to explore new flavours in an educational and fun way.

Our sessions are many and varied and include Juicy Lucy – peel, chop and slice as we introduce you to some of the fruit and vegetables that can be juiced and then create your own 5-aday drink. Eat local - what food grows in your neighbourhood? Can you find local produce in your local shop? Buy fresh food and make a ‘local’ recipe. Healthy Lunchbox – focus on healthy eating and making healthy choices. We show the children how to make a delicious and nutritious snack and introduce them to the importance of having 5 fruit and vegetable portions a day.


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