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Humour and laughter play an important role in the learning process and Laughology offer a range of unique services to schools and other educational establishments, using laughter and humour techniques to enhance learning and teaching skills.

“Humour helps to connect left-brain activities with the right-brain creative side. This connection allows learners to experience a refreshing pause and better absorb the information being presented. Humour results in better information recall and an increase in long term retention”. Todd T Holm PhD ‘Humour and Learning’, December 29, 2004


Appropriate humour in a learning environment fosters mutual respect, provides commonalities and connections between tutors and learners and can also increase class attendance. Tutors who use strategies that promote the connection between humour and learning provide learners with the most memorable learning experiences.

Humour affects learning outcomes, particularly in ‘difficult subjects’. Humour can reduce anxiety and aid self confidence which improves student receptiveness and ultimately has a positive affect on test performance.

The area of the brain used for flexible thinking and problem solving is the same area of the brain we use for processing humour and for ‘getting the joke’. By using humour in learning we are accessing and exercising our flexible thinking which encourages development of key learning and thinking skills such as creativity and problem solving. Employers are also looking for more than just technical skills and knowledge of degree discipline. They particularly “value skills such as communication, team working and problem solving. Young people who can demonstrate these skills have a real advantage’. Digby Jones – Director General CBI

Humour is a thinking skill. Laughology encourages the qualities and skills needed for success in learning and life and increases awareness of mental and physical health by introducing techniques for positive interaction. Laughology encourages an approach to learning that is safe, fun and engaging. They work with you, so that the events are designed around the needs of your school, but also tailored to the needs and aspirations of each child. Every Child Matters and every child can laugh!

Issues and experiences are explored in a fun and creative way which encourages:

• Motivation, learning and retention.

• Participation and teamwork

• Emotional intelligence and resilience

• Creativity and imagination for learning

• Self esteem and confidence building


Their programmes are equally well received by both learners and tutors and Laughology will work with your school to ensure your aims and objectives are met. The Laughology effect is sustainable and keeps on working as teachers can continue to use the techniques and methods to compliment and support their teaching of the curriculum.


Key Information

  • Proven educational model
  • Individual, class or whole school approach
  • Flexible session design and bespoke packages
  • Single session or structured courses
  • Benefits for pupils and teachers and school

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