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Glitch Music Workshops specialise in providing unique, innovative workshops in music technology, modern song writing, mobile studio recording and DJ'ing.

Glitch Music Workshops (CRB Checked) provide young people with ownership, experience and technical skills in music production, songwriting, DJ'ing, MC'ing and singing.

Since 2007, they have delivered to many schools, youth groups, P.R.U's, youth detention centres and specialist institutions for young people. Their bespoke sessions deliver an exciting and rewarding musical journey for young people, which is so crucial to a young person’s development.

"I really enjoyed learning how to make music, experimenting with different effects and sounds to make a real sounding song! I would definitely do it again" - Charlotte, Quilley School GCSE Project.


Inspiring expression, thought and creativity through music can have a dramatic effect on young peoples self confidence and their motivation. Composition and studio style recording sessions can improve not only communication and interaction skills, but also increase development in reading, writing, learning and of course, MUSICAL abilities.

They offer young people a great opportunity to express themselves, providing them with industry expertise and recording equipment to produce incredible material



Music Technology:

Learn how to make any style of music, using professional music technology and recording equipment.

Our Producer/DJ workshop teaches young people about sequencing, sampling, remixing, effects and other aspects of modern day composition, young people will then mix and burn their finished songs to CD's.

This session is ideal for young people who are not neccessarily musicians, but are interested in producing and DJ'ing popular Dance & Urban music; including Grime, Pop, R n'B, Drum and Bass, House and Dubstep.


Studio Recording:

If your young people play instruments, are in a band or perhaps a wannabe solo singer/rapper, then our mobile Studio Recording Workshop puts industry standard recording equipment at their fingertips!

Learn how to record instruments and vocals, work in groups on songwriting, developing themes and ideas, recording and producing a song, then mix and engineer finshed tracks to CD. This session is with the live musician in mind.


DJ and Event Management:

We can also offer workshops in DJ'ing. Learn the art of beat matching, mixing and scratching. Develop your skills in track selection, blending, effects and mixing like a professional DJ.

If you have a group of young people who would be interested in planning and coordinating their own live music event, we can facilitate this; the course teaches young people every aspect of event management and performance. Please ask for more details.


Syllabus/Session Details:

• Sequencing using Logic Studio, Cubase, Ableton Live & Reason Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) recording packages.

• Understand Drum Machines, Sampling, Synthesis, VST Plugins and external MIDI equipment.

• Recording & engineering guitars, drums, percussion, vocals and classical instruments.

• Midi Implementation & Audio editing.

• Work with a professional producer & DJ, with over 15 years experience in songwriting, music production & DJ/performance

• No musical skills or experience required, workshops available for ages as young as 8.

• Singing, MC'ing (Rapping) & Lyric writing, performance technique sessions.

• DJ skills - beat matching, mixing and turntable tips and tricks.

• Bespoke, tailor-made workshops; include Teacher Training, Arts Awards Qualifications & GCSE Music Syllabus course models; ask for more information...


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Telephone: 07843 74 55 39
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